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Hi, I’m Russell Chapman entrepreneur and part time author. I would like to introduce you to an exciting opportunity. The industry is only 6 years old, although the cost of participating as an individual is now beyond most, hence groups of people work in collaboration.

The great thing about this business is it represents the future of money and “the products” provide the members with a secure passive income. This is not a HYIP or advertising revenue- share ponzi scheme; it is a genuine business investing in and mining Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first digital currency and unlike any other digital currency, a growing number of businesses accept it as payment for goods and services. Companies accepting Bitcoin include Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Expedia and Starbucks accept Bitcoin as payment.

There can only ever be 21 million Bitcoins, of which just over 14 million are in existence today. The creation of new Bitcoins is via computers solving a complex and publically available algorithm. Unlike the dollar or euro in your pocket, no government or central bank control Bitcoin so nobody can mint extra just to help reduce a nation’s debt.

You may view all Bitcoin transactions a public ledger that uses Blockchain technology. The banks are now taking notice of this low cost method of payment. Independent Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Mining? 

Miners verify all the Bitcoin transactions, known as Bitcoin Mining. Each transaction requires six independent verifications.

Bitcoin miners are a diverse group of people, businesses and co-operatives whose reward is a share of newly issued Bitcoins each day. There can only ever be 21 million Bitcoins, of which just over 14 million are in existence, the algorithm controls the creation of new Bitcoins. Current estimates suggest the creation of the last Bitcoin will be in 2041.

Value of Bitcoin 

The value of a Bitcoin is determined by the market. As with any limited resource the price will rise. Some forecasts suggest the value of one Bitcoin could rise from its current value of $240 to $10,000.

Now is the time to join a Bitcoin mining co-operative.

Our Business Opportunity 

BitClub Network, is effectively owned by it members. It falls into two parts, the mining operation and the sales operation.

Members may purchase 1000-day shares in the mining pool(s) and receive a share of the Bitcoins mined. BitClub network pays out 100% of the Bitcoins mined to the members, every day, either in Bitcoins or as extra part shares in the mining pools.

Members who introduce new members earn commissions via the six available revenue streams.

Can you afford to let another day go by without earning your share of the Bitcoin revolution?

For more general information, regarding myself and Bitcoin please click here  

For more information on the BitClub Network opportunity click here

This article was published on 06.10.2015 by Russell Chapman
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Alonzo Brown Russell, very nice informative article on BitCoin.  2 years ago

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