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So I literally just joined this health and wellness company 1 week ago because I wanted to order their new product with collagen which improves sleep, helps to burn fat and promotes lean muscle. I thought I might make a few referrals here and there. I'm laughing right now because I've already earned a commission of just over $11 and haven't even enrolled any customers or reps yet

Without you doing anything at all you will actually get a check EVERY MONTH FOR AT LEAST $9 but could be much more from the people under you!! Realize that's FREE MONEY you are making on a team that you did not build!! EVERY SINGLE PERSON who joins the team is getting paid a monthly check even if they don't do any work!! REALLY think about that... HUGE!!

What's even more exciting is you have a huge team of Distributors growing underneath you RIGHT NOW which is potentially worth thousands of dollars! So the question is how do you get paid on all of those people. Well, that's where the WORK comes in... nobody said this was a lottery ticket.

Once you start to sponsor people into the business, (personal team), and your personal team starts to grow, you will get promoted through the ranks. It is your RANK that will determine how much you will get paid on the hundreds and eventually thousands of people that are in your ENTIRE team... The Powerline!

Here is the BIG DEAL...

1) Most people in network marketing don't ever get a check!

2) Most people don't ever have a team!

With SBC everyone gets BOTH on their very first day!

3) Typically you only get paid on the team YOU build but with SBC you get paid on your personal team AND you also get paid on a HUGE team we are building under you that could be with $1,000's in monthly income!!

It's truly a game changer in the network marketing industry and it's creating success stories with people who have never had success before!

 The system works so well we actually have people generating product sales and recruiting new distributors completely on autopilot! For me, this is a dream come true, it truly is a network marketer's dream company!

Think about it this way...

You have a BANK VAULT right now that's full of money and is growing DAILY... (your power line) The KEY to unlock it is by getting promoted with SBC so you can start getting paid on the 100's of people we are putting YOUR TEAM!!

The sooner we get you started the better because we have HUGE momentum right now and we want to help you create a success story FAST!

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This article was published on 04.08.2016 by Byron Vasquez
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Motor Club of America - roadside assistance , 40 USD to join

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