Multiple Income Streams and The Wealth of Health

Hello all,

Thanks for taking the time to read my announcement. I am an entrepreneur and many would say I have too many irons in the fired (Including me). Things just worked out this way. I started out a Multipure Distributor almost 30 years ago.  I have always been into Natural Health Products ir seems like, but mainly when I was in a bad place on too many meds and I discovered I could take natural products and get results and reduce the medicines.  My Multipure business took on an addition to it that really improved my health and that was with a Kangen Water Machine. After 5 months on the water I got off heart med I had been on for 20 years, and asthsma and allergy meds I took daily- I no longer needed. Giving away that water for free it sells itself! 

I also got myself a Quantum Wave, scaler wave laser which I am sure kept me from having my gall bladder removed. 

I jumped from Cali to SC and got myself married, and finding myself adding new buisnesses. VStream was the first, with their streaming Media Player, that is hands down the best Streaming device money can buy. VStream has NXR Global as their parent company that sold Nutronix products for 16 years, so VStream had a solid foundation. After a year and a half they added a new "partner" company called PYUR Global, separate from VStream but under the umbrella of NXR Global. They also have powerful nutritional products and a device that reads your internal age! 

People tend to come to you with new and exciting opportunities that really are worth getting involved in. I was introduced to Divvee Social as a new start up that because we are in so early they are giving 1000 people the opportunity to get in on a 2% revenue sharing, and that is income for life! I jumped on that and I am over half way qualified so far, with 769 positions left. 

You know how it's kind of obvious the dollar is not worth much these days, and gold and silver are really a more solid currency. I got into Karatbars so I can start buying gold and building my gold savings account. OK are we getting carried away yet?  Still have more to go...

I broke down and joined Online Sales Pro so I could build my other businesses and have a way to offer help to others in busiNess improve their business.  Then the dam broke when the new gaming ap that was coming out is only taking new affiliates for the next 45 days or so and it is projected to be a real money maker!  Meanwhile I'm finally studying marketing and am willing to make some changes to get all these streams of income to produce more and more until I have unleashed a giant and it is self propelling itself into the future fortunes it will be producing as I keep on keeping on!

Multipure- mrmultipure.Com for the best alkaline ionized water machines at half the price of the competition. for Quantum Wave Scaler Wave Laser. Testimonials available upon request.

Cut your cable/satellite bills with a VStreamTV Media Center you have free TV! for the pulse device that meisure your internAL age, and products that turn the clock back! for a karatbars presentation

Take a tour at my biggest venture I think right now as far as business building/lead generation at:

This article was published on 01.09.2016 by Todd Thompson
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