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Team Building and Earning at its Best!


How many times did you join a program only to find out that you were not able to refer enough people to make a profit? I guess tis has happened to you more than once, am I right?

Well, that is now from the past! I am inviting you to join my Team Buid with which I am very sure all tem members will be successful!

The main reason for this is that you only have to refer 3 persons to become successful! And, as a Team, your upline Team Members will help you to get you these 3 referrals!

Our Team is based on a very simple 3x3 matrix model. This implies that you, as the Team leader of your Team, only will need to refer 3 persons on your 1 st level. Then these 3 new members also bring in 3 new members each and you will have 9 members in your 2nd level. These 9 members also refer 3 each and your Team is complete with 39 members!

The revolutionary aspect of this model is that each member can only have 3 direct referrals in his first line. Any more members he will bring in will "spill over" to the other team members who do not have their 3 members yet!

As a TEAM MEMBER you are supposed to continue promoting the Team even after you have your first 3 members to help the TEAM grow and become successful!

And why should yo do this you may wonder? Why to keep on promoting when my referrals are placed under my downline team members? What's in it for me to do so?

Well, the reason is very simple!

At STEP 1, when your team is completed with 39 members you will be receiving $510/ month in income!

But, OUT-OF-PROFIT, your whole team will upgrade to STEP 2 where you will receive a 100% MATCHING BONUS for each referral you brought in! That's easily another $510/ month income for you!

That's the SECOND COMMITMENT we ask from out Team Members: FOLLOW THE STEPS!

bY FOLLOWING THE STEPS we mean that you are committed to UPGRADE TO THE NEXT LEVELS we have defined for our TEAMS. But, each UPGRADE you can pay with the PROFITS you are earning from the PREVIOUS STEP! So you do not have to pay for them OUT-OF-POCKET!

If you are Interested  to become part of MY TEAM you can GO HERE and fill in the form to register yourself.

When you are convinced that our TEAM BUILD will work for you, you just enroll in the STEP 1 program!

To your Success,

Wim van der Donk
Founder/CEO Plugin Homebiz Site

This article was published on 16.02.2016 by Wim Van Der Donk
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