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If you have ever dreamed about owning your own business, this is your opportunity! But, let me be clear here. I am not talking about a Referral Marketing Agent, Representative, Affiliate, Business Partner or whatever they might call it with any particular company. I mean own your own company!

This is not really an MLM Company. This is a pass 1 up to your sponsor Direct Sales Company. There are no levels or monthly product purchase requirements, no matrix to fill. There is only one level here and commissions are paid on an individual basis for each product sold. Except for the 1st one. That new member and the commission for that sale is passed up to your sponsor.

You can be up and running for a cost of only $10,000 ... or so. NOTE: That’s where that word “trade" in the title comes into play. If you think you have the management skills it will take to run the company, you can trade those skills to me in exchange for ownership and get the whole package for a lot less than that. In fact, this might not cost you one red cent if you are confident and can convince me that you have the skills it will take to manage this company.

That’s my objective here. I am 78 years old now and getting to old to deal with the day to day activities of running a fast growing young company and this one will grow fast once we get it started. I never intended to manage it myself. I want to get it set up, make sure everything is working and then as soon as we are fully operational, I want you to take over and run the whole show. I will still be there to help you, but you can own the whole operation. There are only three qualifications to this offer.

1. The product sells for $750 as I have it structured now (see below) , I would get 15% of that $250 administrative fee ($37.50) for every sale ever made from now on.

2. I am especially concerned about people with little education or job skills and little hope of ever earning any real money. So, I would want to be set up as a Business Partner with my own referral link where I can also recruit new people into the business. I will give up all or most of the commission I would earn for these people depending on the situation. They pay only the Admin $250, plus whatever amount I set for that individual.

3. I will have to put you in touch with my software guy. He will have to agree that you are someone he can work with. We will have to talk about this, but he should get about the same as I get. $37.50. That’s $75 between the two of for us for each sale and $175 to the company.

That is a big, BIG opportunity!

You will not have to spend the thousands & thousands of dollars it takes to start a company. I have already spend thousands of dollars to get this set up and ready for you to run. I have more than 25 years experience in the industry and have already spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get this all set up for you. Almost. We will have to make some changes to the compensation plan software we have now. We are working on that now. That is a pass 2 up to your sponsor deal and that did not work. It could have except for one thing. I thought our video was good enough that it would be easy to recruit new members. Just invite them to the website and let that do the selling job for them. It was not. People do not like to sell, and we did not have an automated lead generation system in place to help them in their recruiting efforts.

Potential Earnings

1. If the company itself sells only 10 products during that first month, that is $250 x 10 = $2,500 profit for the company (that is the Admin fee) and we will put $500 x 10 = $5,000 in commission earnings in the company account

2. If the company itself sells 25 products during that first month, that is $250 x 25 = $6,250 profit for the company (that is the Admin fee) and we will put $500 x 25 = $12,500 in commissions earnings in the company account.

3. If the company itself sells 100 products during that first month, that is $250 x 100 = $25,000 for the company (the admin fee) and we will pay out $500 x 100 = $50.000 in commission earnings in the company account. 

Each of those sales will pass up their first new member to the company. In example 3 above, that means 100 new people. The company earns $250 for each of them and each one of them will pass 1 new member and the commission ($500) for that sale up to company. That is their qualifying sale and the company earns $250 (admin) for each one of them and the $500 commission ...  And each one of those people who were just passed up to the company will pass 1 up to the company, and each one of those people who were just passed up will also pass 1 up to the company, and that goes on and on forever. There is absolutely no limit to how far it can go. That will generate a whole lot of money for the company!

The Software

That software can easily be modified to run any kind of pay plan you might want. Unilevel, Matrix, 1 Up, 2 Up, Binary, or whatever. However, I have an idea for a new pay plan for the comp[any that I think will work ... big time! If I had known back when I first started developing my company what I know now, I would have used a pass 1 up compensation plan.

The Competition - Exitus Elite Dot Com

There is a company out there now selling the same product we have now with a pass 2 up plan, (Home Business Training & Education) in a pass 1 up plan for or a whopping $1,300 cost to get started. That’s expensive! Not everyone can afford it. The commission is great though. You earn a $1,000 commission for each sale and $300 of it goes to the admin to manage the program. This is a real company with a real product and commissions are based on sale of the product. They can even do business through PayPal. And PayPal does not do business with Network Marketing companies. They have a really good 5 minute video that explains the pay plan. You can do a search for Exitus Elite dot com to watch that video.

However, it leaves out a lot of people who do not have that kind of money invest in a home business. We can fill that gap and sell the program for half of what they are charging. Even those who are promoting that will be good prospects for this company. Another source of income and easier to sell. We can put up our own video for the $500 commission Pay Plan. That would be fun! We have some good experience at that too. I wrote the script for the video on the website now, and our programmer did the animation for it.

The MLM Software

That software is develop-ed by EZyGold. That is highly technical. You need a good programmer to modify that to fit any particular compensation plan. We have that programmer. We set up a pass 2 up to your compensation plan. However, we want to change that to a pass 1 up before we make it available to the general public. You can do a search for EzyGold Dot Com to find it.

EzyGold is an affordable software solution written in PHP and powered by MySQL for membership based business, network marketing, referral program and others. Offering the quality and reliability at a fraction of the cost of similar software, EzyGold is the right solution for small-medium-enterprise business. This feature rich software provides a great deal of automation and flexibility, allowing for almost hands free management of your online business. EzyGold will provide you a cost effective solution to suit your needs and help you build your network marketing and membership business. Take a cup of coffee and go through the features. By then you will soon be saying to yourself that EzyGold is the right solution for you and your businesses.  General Features Start your very own membership site and network marketing businesses, EzyGold software support marketing plan such as Unilevel, Matrix, Powerline, X-UP System, Member Get Member, Referral Program, Downline Builder, Binary System, Randomizer, etc. Users/Clients/Members Features  This area is whereby members able to access their Real-time membership / account reports, edit personal information, download products, use marketing materials, etc.

Domain Namess 

The Domain Name(s) - Quick Little Server & Quick Little Survey. I own the two Domain Names. You can take a look at what we have there now for Quick Little Survey. The video for the pass 2 up compensation plan.

The other one is a website development and hosting company. All money paid for Quick Little Survey products are processed through Quick Little Server. Since Quick Little Survey (as it is now) is is a Network Marketing Company we set it up that way so we could process payments through PayPal. We will not have to do that when we change to the pass 1 up pay plan.

Start Up Promotional Message .... or Launch Announcement

The first promotional announcement (email, etc.) when we are ready to go might read something like this:


Hope You Are Having A Great Day, Something very special is going on around here. Average people with no marketing experience who can follow simple instructions have a real opportunity to earn multiple $500 commissions each and every week. And a whole lot more too, once you get this thing started. This kind of opportunity is rarely seen in the home business industry. This simple automated business model absolutely works because it does 90% of the sales work for you which creates duplication & leverage. NOTE: We will have a new video here for the pass 1 up to your sponsor pay plan  Everything you need to be successful is in place:

*** Awesome Product Package

*** Sales Funnel & Marketing System.

*** Professional Websites

*** Lead Capture Pages

*** Autoresponders With Messages Ready To Go.

*** Tracking For All Advertising & Sales

*** Advertising Sources That Work

*** Honest & Transparent Company Owner/Manager

*** Excellent Customer Support

*** Professional Sales Team Will Close Sales For You!

Sound exciting? It is. However, none of this is cast in stone. It is all open for discussion. I just want a small piece of the pie when the company makes money. And I want our programmer to get a piece of it too. Please check my profile and contact me if this is of interest to you and we can talk about it.

Don Evans

Quick Little Survey

This article was published on 24.04.2016 by Don Evans
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