Are you blogging?

Blogging is becoming a huge network-marketing tool. People are using blogs to grow their businesses and customer base. Some small business owners write in their blog on a daily or weekly basis depending on their schedule. You do not have to write in the blog every day as long as you have good informative content. There are nine reasons why anyone should have a blog, whether it is personal or business.

A blog could be a personal resume. If you are looking for a job or looking to change career, a blog is a good way to market yourself. Many employers search online for their next employee, and if you have a blog then the employer can see what kind a person you are and see if you can be a possible candidate for a new position. Blogging can also work in the reverse mode. If someone is looking for a job and they search the Internet, find a company’s blog, and see if they would like to work for the company if it fits the candidate’s personality and attitude. 

You are able to network with new people through your blog that maybe in your niche. People can be searching for a new outlet and your blog can spread some outlook on the topic that they may be looking for. My niche or topic is network marketing, so my blog mostly with be about network marketing and the topics surrounding network marketing. People that maybe not have tried your niche before might become interested in just based on what you wrote. 

The blog can also help with ideas that you may have inside of your brain and you need to get them down in black and white. Writing the ideas down, will make more sense and can help you focus on what is important and what is not. Blogging can also help you focus on your future and what changes need to be made.

Blogging give you a peace of mind and this is the main reason why I blog. It helps take my mind off things that are going on around me. When I am blogging, I hope that the blog post I am writing will help someone with what they are going through and help them remain focus. Blogging is like going for a walk except you are walking with your friends and the keyboard and not your legs.

If you have not start blogging, start today! You will truly benefit from it.
This article was published on 01.02.2016 by Artreice Westmoreland
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