How to be financially independent with crowd1

Permit me to educate you more about crowd1


Welcome to the end of employment and the rise of crowd-based capitalism.

This new way of organising economic activity will replace the traditional corporate-centered model and put Crowd1 associates in the central position of the cash flow, forever!

The crowd economy will create a large group of people that become disenfranchised digital labourers, scurrying between platforms ready to take part of the next wedge of piecework.

For you, this new movement will increase freedom and flexibility. It’s sometimes even described as the end of regular jobs, getting Money, Meaning and Freedom without the constraints of the 9-to-5 schedule.

Ride on a global wave of change with Crowd1 and get access to the everything you need to succeed in the Crowd Economy. Crowd1 is all you need for many years to come!

Get paid for your own work AND the total of your network actions

Crowd1 brings you possibilities of a lifetime residual cash flow, based on your team’s growth - and compensation for your hourly work.

Crowd1 makes sure you’ll get paid for everything which is a consequence of your actions and work. The Crowd1 way of getting the best out of the "crowd economy," is that you are introducing a friend for free; and thus your efforts results in you becoming a part of the cash flow created when this friend’s activities create cash flow in the Crowd.

Don’t make the mistake and say that you didn't understand Crowd1 and its opportunity. It will cost you, your family and generations to come, the freedom you dream about.

Crowd1 is simply one of the best opportunities introduced to mankind and can put YOU in the central position of a global movement.

You can benefit from creating short- AND long-term cash flow simultaneously.


✅White � €99=R1 800

✅Black �€299= R5 500

✅Gold � €799=R14 500

✅Titanium � €2499= R43 000

irect Referral Bonus:*

This is a bonus earn when your referral buy one the following packages: 

€99 (White) - €36

€299 (Black) - €108

€799 (Gold) - €288

€2499 (Titanium )- €900


80% of your commissions goes to account balance

20% of your commission goes to your owners rights for dividends paid monthly 


€36 commission for a €99 package

€ 28.80 - goes to your account balance

€ 7.20 goes to your owners rights

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This article was published on 15.11.2019 by Cynthia Osuji
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