ICAN GET2! Your Own Smartphone App!

It doesn't matter what kind of business you have, or what your marketing budget is! You can easily and instantly benefit from providing your customers and prospects with a true downloadable app they carry on their smartphone at all times!

You can spend hours (maybe days!) trying to figure out what our competitors do...

We explain it all here. In simple non-geek speak!

Introducing the Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App - A Global Mobile Marketing and Communication Tool for Your Business

Think of our Silent Salesman smartphone app as a world-wide Mobile Marketing tool. But it's also a customer retention tool. And it is a communication method that beats the socks off email marketing... every time!

Use your app to provide up to date information to your customers. Change your app's content whenever you wish. Use it to offer monthly, weekly, or even daily specials. Send out notifications whenever you like to push traffic back to your app or website or storefront!

Want to update content on your app? Just log in to your web based account, type in some text and submit! Even easily add graphics and photos -- or audio messages, or even VIDEOS that play right inside your app. Your app is instantly updated on all your users' phones! NO web design experience is required!

It's an amazing product. And we are the only company in the world that does what we do!

We are taking the net by storm and you need to be in on this, don't get left behind.

The Mobile Revolution

Smart phones are replacing computers and lap tops and apps are replacing websites!

You need our "Silent Sales Man Mobile Marketing App" which also will serve you as a mobile friendly website if you plan on remaining or becoming successful on the net!

Every single month more and more people use their smart phone to access the internet to find all kinds of products and services and yes, just information.

But you know what else they're doing with them?

...Text Messaging and Push Notifications! They're critical to your Mobile Marketing strategy!

Right now today, and the stats are there to prove it, 95% of all text messages are read within five minutes of receipt. Compare that to email. Email messages do not even come close. You are lucky today if 70% of your mail gets delivered, and you're even luckier still if just 10% of your audience opens your email to see what you have to say!

Internet marketing experts tell us the value of each email subscriber is worth one dollar per month but... a text message or push notification subscriber combined with your own custom phone app subscriber is worth 10, 20, or 30x that, this is enormous!

And get this: Every time someone downloads YOUR app, they are prompted to register their phone to receive text messages from you! And if your user doesn't register (or if they are located outside the U.S. or Canada), they'll automatically receive push notifications instead, letting them know they have a message waiting for them in your app!

You can send out as many messages as you like, whenever you like! Use them to let your app users know about daily specials, coupons, discounts, events, etc.!

The ability to follow up with your customers and prospects and keep them informed is crucial to your mobile marketing strategy... and our exclusive Text and Push platform is the perfect solution for any business!

NEW! Subscribers now can even REPLY to text messages or notifications. This gives you unprecedented communication ability with your entire customer and prospect base!

If you are marketing anything... even just building a brand for your own personal services, you'll want to get your phone app on as many prospects and customers phones as possible... Bribe them!... Offer them a bonus for downloading your phone app!

Making it free is great, but some enticement is powerful. Then, it's simple, just send them a message on how to get the bonus! Restaurants - give them a percentage off of their next check. Pizza's - buy one get one free. Internet marketers - give them a download or some other special program at a discount or free. Lawyers - half-hour free consultation. Any and every business can give a discount for a customer downloading their phone app. Get the idea? It's simple, put your thinking cap on, the light bulb will go on!

How about a drawing?... Compel your members, customers, or potential customers to download your app with a weekly or monthly or quarterly drawing for something of value. Select the winner at random, give them the prize. Then, announce it with a text message and brag about who won it on your app. Cool stuff!

You can even post digital coupons for your App customers. Send a message telling all of your members/customers about the new coupon and then, when the campaign is finished, remove the coupon from your app. It's a beautiful and simple system. Let your imagination run wild with this, the possibilities are limitless.

Make no mistake about it, the smart phone industry is quickly and not so quietly replacing PC's and laptops as the communication method of choice. Our custom phone app works with every single smart phone on the planet.

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