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Peacecoin?  What is that?!

We at Peacecoin are truly excited to announce our up and coming official entry into the world of cryptocurrency.  Since our humble beginnings in October of 2020, the pioneers and leadership of this grand company have worked hard to ensure that when our token becomes a coin, officially, those that have it, along with those that purchase it, can proudly say that they have made one of the greatest contributions to a global society!  You will be proud to own a piece of history and your pockets will thank you.  

You see, Peacecoin is not just about cryptocurrency.  It isn't just a way to fund your dreams. Although, that is one thing it can do for you.  Instead, Peacecoin is about helping others.  Peacecoin's founder has been garnering peace for over two decades between gangs and their leaders in Los Angeles.  He has held Peace rides in order to unite communities in underserved neighborhoods.  Now, he has gone a step further.  He has founded a company whose entire goal is to create an alternative to offer those in the communities of, not just Los Angeles, but major cities such as Houston, Chicago, Baltimore, and many more, the opportunity to give back to the very communities they tore down!  All proceeds of the company that does not contribute to its overhead, will go directly to the cause.  

How will this be accomplished?  In the works are the building of more than 10 major construction schools.  These schools will serve the people of those disparaged cities.  Those that are re-entering society, whether they be men or women, and who will be going back into those communities will be given FREE education in one of the 17 areas of construction. Whether it be plumbing, Electrical, Architecture or other, at completion of their training they will have a marketable skill as well as a job.  They will not be paid minimum wage. They will make a living wage. Yes, those same persons who at one time shared in tearing their community down will now be able to build it back up, make a healthy contribution to society, and rebuild their own name and reputation.  They will have a second, or it could be a third or fourth, and for some--it could be the very last chance to provide for themselves and their families in a legal and honest way.     

I know. I know.  Some of you who are reading this may be wondering 'what does this have to do with me?'  and 'Is this a business proposal or a cry for help!?'   It is both!  Peacecoin is only for selfless individuals. 

There are very few of us who have had the chance to be a part of a company while it was on the ground floor and became successful.  Most companies fail within their first year, and even more fail within their first five years.  Peacecoin has already surpassed that first hurdle---with flying colors!  Not only has this company already began to reap the harvest of its work, it has already donated over $10,000 to a charitable cause!  This is a brand new company! That says a lot about its credibility and potential.  In addition, as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) of Peacecoin, your perks alone are enough for payment but the payment.....let's just say our payment structure is top notch!   In addition, you will have ongoing support, a real 'family'  you become a part of, the constant promotions and Oh! I should mention that becoming a member of our family means free education, free cryptocurrency, and free 1 ounce beautiful pure silver coins EVERY MONTH!  

If you are interested do not sit back and wait too long.  'Ground floor' isn't going to be that much longer.  As a matter of fact, now, is even a better time to join than when the company first began.  The company has gone through beta.  The hard part is finished.  The bugs are slowly dying.  There are more concrete set dates for our school, for the opening of our exchange and the launch of our own cryptocurrency.  There is money to be made with any company that is DEBT FREE!  Yes, you read right--debt free!   

Bottom line--join us!  Click the link to find out what else I forgot to tell you because there is oh so much more!  Welcome ABOARD!

This article was published on 11.10.2021 by Andrea Edwards
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Peacecoin - crypto, precious met, 360 USD to join

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