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Hi. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Cindy Trethewey. I'm just a regular Midwest homespun girl. I'm not an MLM Guru or anything. Just like every other Lucy, Betty and Elma I went to grade school, high school and college. I did my share of manual labor, waitress work, cleaning jobs and sales too!!! I've been successful in a few things. But never in my entire life have I found anything that worked or sold like these CTFO products SELL!!! I mean people buy them once and come back for more. With CTFO all you do is just get the word out on different platforms and the sales just come to you organically. Why is CTFO standing out? Here's a quick bullet point list:

1. The CTFO business plan is completely free. No gimmicks. No enrollment fees, annual fees or website fees.

2. CTFO CBD Company has the best quality oil at a wholesale price for you AND your customers. So you earn money on the wholesale price of your own sales and you earn other commissions on your entire team matrix. 

3. Everybody is flocking to CBD oil for relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation and relaxation. So the products sell themselves.

4. CTFO has the best compensation plan in the industry! Earn way deep into the matrix from people you didn't even sponsor. Your team can grow organically because millions of dollars a month of CTFO CBD products are being sold! The products practically sell themselves.

5. CBD Hemp Oil is the fastest growing segment of the health and wellness MLM industry right now. And CTFO is a leader in the CBD industry. This is truly a ground floor opportunity!

CTFO has a CBD hemp oil so potent people are reporting and praising its amazing impact on their health, pain, anxiety, sleep and wealth. Speaking of wealth. Right now I'm on a wealth building campaign with CTFO. Every time I sign up a newbie into CTFO business I get what the company calls a free PSP - PROFIT SHARING POSITION. I gave up resale shopping and started collecting PSPs instead. That said, I've strategically been able to earn over 370 Profit Sharing Positions. These are like mini matrices within the original forced matrix. If you watch our amazing compensation plan video you can start earning Profit Sharing Positions too. I am earning way off the regular matrix and deep down past my 22nd level already and it hasn't even been a year with the company. I would love to be your CTFO CBD mentor and life coach.

To get in on this fast moving CBD business I suggest that you watch our short compensation plan video (link below) and then take a few minutes to join our free business. CTFO is open for new distributors over the age of 18 from the US, the UK and Canada. Think of a business name. CTFO never requires for you to place an order at any time. All personal orders are voluntary. There are no sales quotas required to start earning money with CTFO. And maxing out the comp plan only takes 5 personals doing a minimum purchase or sales of $50 a month. Isn't that crazy easy? I qualified in 2 days. It doesn't take long either. Now fast forward to 8 months later and I'm earning more money than I ever dreamed. And I'm getting ready to rank up again! I love my job because I love helping people live a more active lifestyle with fewer aches and pains and more money in their pockets! We're a family over at CTFO dedicated to helping you succeed. We can help you grow with CTFO!!!

CTFO has expansion plans to sell products in over 40 countries. And CBD sales are taking place in the US, the UK and we are soon opening a market for CBD in Canada. Are you ready to become hempified? Watch the video and then join at my link. Thanks for stopping. I'll see you on the other side.

Watch the CTFO Comp Plan Video Here: http://www.freehomebiz.myctfocbd.com/overview.html

Learn more about the CBD hemp oil products from CTFO and the business at:https://hempking.biz

This article was published on 24.08.2018 by Cynthia Trethewey
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