Journey of a Network Marketer

Hi, My Friends. My name is Aubrey “Bill” Harvey and I began my journey to Network Marketing about 9 months ago. I retired a couple of years ago after many years as a Civilian Federal Employee. I had a very rewarding career as a civil service employee and have no regrets. I got my fair share of accolades along the way. However, like most individuals that have worked most of their lives, retirement brings about a whole new set of circumstances. For me, the big question was finding something that could fill the time up that had been used working 8, 10, 12 hours or more each day not including travel time. The best part of retirement is having the freedom to use your time as you see fit without someone else dictating when you needed to be at your work location; how to perform your duties; when the tasks needed to be completed; and, how you could earn more money via overtime, promotion or bonuses. Everything around working a job is subject to approval by the higher ups. Well, after doing a little traveling and experiencing some things that I never had the time to experience while I was working I found myself feeling bored. I started searching for something that would light that fire deep down in my belly and drive me to do more. Thank goodness for modern technology and the internet.

I began looking at various opportunities on the internet and found that there were plenty of Direct Selling Companies operating worldwide. I talked to family and friends to see what they knew about Network Marketing. To my surprise, there were several that were involved in Network Marketing presently, and quite a few that stopped for their own personal reasons. Once I let them know that I was interested in trying something, I was bombarded with all types of opportunities to look at and possibly join a team. The very first thing I learned on this journey was to do my research and learn as much as I could about the pros and cons of Network Marketing. Next, I realized that most of the opportunities presented had excellent products, systems of delivery, and compensation plans. Finally, I knew that I needed to learn as much as I could from the various leaders in the Network Marketing Industry. For two (2) months, I watched video after video on YouTube; read several books and articles; attended many conference calls from various opportunities; and, talked to many individuals who were already Network Marketers. There were some questions that I needed to ask myself before I embarked on this journey: 1) Why did I want to try Network Marketing? 2) Do I have the time to work the opportunity? 3) Was I truly a Team Player?, And, 4) Was I financially prepared to join an opportunity? 

I joined four (4) opportunities that were free platforms that allowed me to learn the business from other entrepreneurs, develop an income stream to aid in financing my opportunity, and, gain leads to develop relationships and friendships with other entrepreneurs. (MLM Gateway, Open Jacket Network, IBOTOOLBOX, and The Global Power Team) Each has been extremely useful in giving me the motivation, training, and experience to grow as a Network Marketer. Each has provided me with a means to grow my primary business into a profitable and extremely satisfying journey.  

Since I am an older individual, I decided to make a Health and Wellness Company my primary opportunity that I can share with the world and show others that they can do the same by providing people with an opportunity to become healthier by using the products and sharing them with others, as well as, earn a little extra income along the way. After comparing several Health and Wellness Direct Selling Company’s opportunities, I decided to join Total Life Changes as an Independent Business Owner after using a couple of their products (Iaso Tea and Nutra Burst). The Iaso Tea detoxes the body and as a result of detoxification, it produces weight loss. One tablespoon of Nutra Burst each day supplies the body with a whole-food liquid formula packed with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. These two (2) products alone have given me more energy and a cleaner body than I ever imagined. Most importantly, the TLC product line is !00% Organic. If you would like to learn more, just contact me. (A Healthier You)

Of course, I can’t finish this announcement without talking about The Global Power Team. In my search for an opportunity, I was lucky enough to become friends with Mr. Eric D’Cruze, Sr. from Toronto, Canada. He has 20+ years experience as a Network Marketer and has teamed up with several others with the same type of experience in the industry. The Global Power Team Mission is to provide all members an equal opportunity to find their pathway to success with a complete training program, fully automated system, complete with landing pages, lead capture pages, auto-generated emails, marketing program, rotator, funnel, and, the most powerful tool being, you as a member.  (Finding Your Pathway To Success)

This article was published on 27.10.2015 by Aubrey Harvey
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