Time to Divvee Up

As a long time Sustainability Specialist, no other program has come close to bring benefits to businesses, nonprofits and households all at the same time!  Financial stability is key to all three sectors for social impact to happen. There are only two strategies to accomplish financial stability; either decrease expenses, increase revenue/funding/income or Both.  As a resource, Divvee provides both!  It's a sustainability dream come true! 

This very unique Affiliate Marketing program compliments all businesses, nonprofits, and yes even households. ALL the  recruiting is done for you!  All you have to do is pass out a Divvee Free (membership) APP These Apps can be used as a recruiting tool for other programs you are working or a "Thank You" gift for doing business with you.  Nonprofits can use them as an ongoing fundraiser.  Imagine the impact. 

When households learn they can save a guarantee of at least $50 a month on services like cell phone plans, TV and Internet services and more added every week; they will all upgrade to a Divvee Up membership for $9.95 a month.  That puts them $40 ahead each month.   Learn about the Money Pulse feature.

None of this happens unless YOU Divvee Up and become an affiliate!  Reap the benefits of multiple commissions, savings, rewards for yourself.  Annual affiliate fee is only $25!  plus the Divvee Up membership $9.95 with monthly guaranteed savings.  
 1 At least 10 cents on every item in every order when your members order.  Oh  that's 10  levels deep in a
3 x 10 matrix.   
2 $1 a month on every Divvee Up membership customer. 
3  Drop Zone a unique Product Highlight deals on Facebook Live.  Commission paid to you when your Divvee Up members make this purchase.  
4 Club 1000  (770 spots left)  First 1000 affiliates who sign up 10 affiliates split 2% of the US Divvee profits for life. 

Who is taking notice and joining Divvee Social? 
Erik Fisher  US Olympic Medalist Down Hill Skiing
Kate Hudson, Drake, Flo Rida. Dave Justice and more   

Who is backing Divvee Social besides these great celebs?
NetSuite invested $45 million.  Turn Key Social, and Oh Facebook is a partner. 

The best part to YOU:  
No selling. No recruiting Divvee does it for you to your Free members.   
No need to have another focus of your time. 
No inventory. No auto-shipments. Absolutely no purchase quotas. Simply purchase what you need when you need it at comparative or lower prices.  

It's time to Divvee Up!   It's time to make sustainability a priority.   It's time to make a Social impact. decision Today!    Join Now!   Divvee Social launches Sept. 6th It's time to divvee up the profits, benefits, and rewards!  Details available upon request.  

` Pamela Weir 

This article was published on 30.08.2016 by Pamela Weir
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