Happy new year one and all!

Dear Associates,

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope and pray this next year will be very successful for you!

It is so wonderful to have partners all over the world, that I care about very much!

 Just over four weeks ago. I didn't know any of them. But ad rotator is exploding around the world.

I have to that signed up in Canada. One of which only speaks French. And I thought that would be a problem,

but he found a one up. The only speaks French. We also found a one up, the only speaks French.

And since the first guy was a one up to another person that I know in Canada that person those French so he is able to help all these French-speaking guys.

I have two sign-ups from UK, when sign up in Jamaica, when sign up from Peru, one in the Fuji Islands and one sign up in India.

All of whom speak English, and that makes it very easy, to sponsor people all over the world!

Even my sign-ups from here in the states are people from all over the world, is becoming such a global experience!

That you have people from all over the world from all life walks of life, coming online trying to find a way to make money.

I have heard that there's like 10,000 and 15,000 people a day coming online for the first time looking for a way to make money.

If you can picture a waterfall coming from Google of these people writing the keywords work from home,

make money online, or make money on the Internet!

So we don't have to get under that waterfall to get all the leads we need. If we can just find a way to get on a rock near that waterfall, where we can get just a little wet.

That will be all the business we can handle!

That is the training one receives at ad rotator how to get on that rock and what they do with those leads once they come in.

All the training that I received at ad rotator has been phenomenal!

To think that I fell into this priceless training for a mere $67 one time, blows my mind!

And to think that anyone from any walk of life anywhere in the world to tap into this training and find great success, blows my mind!

Ad rotator is not a machine that rotates ads, it is a movement, it is the very best training, on one up platform!

And I am so blessed to have found it!

I've tried so many different things, spent a whole lot of money and never had any success to speak of!

I've attended many training courses, heard everything that the gurus tell you!

My family and friends avoiding me at all costs, not wanting to hear about my new awesome opportunity!

The people closest to me telling me over and over, I see a lot of money going out. But I don't see any come in and and yet you going to try another one ?

I would pray for that shut up check! The check I can hold up and say in a loud booming voice, "SHUT UP!"

I found such success with the ad rotator and the reason why is because of the phenomenal training!

The philosophy of ad rotator is that you should make money first before the company!

That is almost unheard of online, and every opportunity I ever joined wanted money upfront!

Yes, even in ad rotator. You must pay the one time $67 to start! But that money goes to your sponsor!

Every single cent of it, and after you give your sponsor your first sell, on your second sell you get your $67 back! And that person has to give you a one up to qualify! And step out on their own!

So everyone stays motivated to find that person and pass them up so they can become qualified!

And once qualified you the CEO of your own company! This is very important to understand!

Not if you bought a pizza shop down on the corner for $100,000! You would be doing everything you could think of to get people through the door to buy a pizza!

Because if you just open the door and sit back and wait for people to come in. It's not going to work!

You have to figure out how to advertise, you have to yell it from the rooftops "Best pizza in town!"

It is the same with your online business, you need to advertise! You need to knock on doors! You need to yell at from the roof," the very best opportunity ever"

you have to get passionate about! And with ad rotator. It's easy to get passionate!

Where else can you find your own business for a mere $67 one time, with million-dollar training!

And when your friends and family see this shut up check, they will then want to join you!

So as we see a brand-new year before us, great opportunities, and new horizons.

We should set our goals high! We should be very strict with ourselves! And work harder than we've ever worked before!

Find something that you're passionate about, that you can sink your teeth into, and help change this world!

At ad rotator we are doing just that, one person at a time!

My friend and Jamaica paid almost 8000 Jamaican dollars to join ad rotator! Because one US dollar is 100 in 119 Jamaican dollars.

A mere $67 seems like a fortune to my friend in Jamaica! And now he's experiencing great success!

Laughing he told me he would soon be a Jamaican millionaire! Makes me feel very good!

My friend and new colleague in India! Told me that with the first $67 he made free and clear after his one up.

He would buy blankets to handout at the leopard colony! He is a missionary and this is the work he does!

We can't imagine how our efforts are changing lives! I cannot tell you ad rotator is a movement!

In this movement is changing lives all over the world! Where people come first before the company!

There is a second level to ad rotator, called the executive Council. On this level, you begin to generate the residual income. And on the executive Council level, the company makes a little bit of money!

You cannot join the executive Council in less your successful. So, the company does everything in his power to make sure your successful, where they will never make any money!

No matter how you slice it ad rotator is the best opportunity online right now!

Please go to my website and watch the video! Click on the yellow executive button, and read about the executive level, learned about the opportunity for residual income!

My prayer in my home is that you will have a very successful, happy new year and whatever opportunity you choose to follow!

I will be here to help whoever would like to become a member of our ad rotator movement!

Please visit my website:


May you to know the  success that comes from million-dollar training!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James  503 919 5123

This article was published on 05.01.2016 by James Seal
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