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World venture is north americas top rated travel club and as well as joining and exclusive travel club you have an opportunity to do the business side which is network marketing. I've personally met people making multiple six figures all the way into multiple 7 figures with this concept. world ventures gives you the opportunity to travel the world for wholesale prices and get your time freedom back and break away from the chains of a 9-5 job. ive personally been several dreamtrips. im not gonna explain the whole thing because its impossible via text but i will break down how the memberships work and how you can join and never pay a monthly membership due  in your entire life. So the memberships work like costco and sams club. both of those businesses buy alot of product in bulk and when they do they get it for cheaper and are able to provide wholesale prices to there customers. world ventures is the same way but with travel...they will buy 7000 cabins on a cruise for the whole year or rent out 10,000 plus hotels for the year and they are able to provide them to there members at wholesale price. Now there are 3 different levels of membership you can choose from. theres dreams trips, dreamtrips gold, and dreamtrips platinum and i will break down what each of these memberships come with.... if you start with just a dreamtrips membership thats just the basic membership for traveling. you book a trip to mexico that cost 400 per person all inclusive (hotel,activites,drinks,food) and pay for your air fair and go when the trip is taking place.they pick you up and drop you off at the airport as well. dream trips  gold comes with a little more. you get a 24/7 concierge/personal assistant, rate shrinker technology for air fair, an online shopping mall etc. yes you do get an actual personal assistant who lives in america and speaks english and will do anything for you within legal reason.. the rate shrinker technology works like this. say you book you airfare 2 months in advance and pay 250 for a ticket. from the day you booked that plane ticket until the day of the trip if the price dropped at all for that flight they automatically re-book you at the lower price and refund the difference on your card so you'll be going at the cheapest price possible. we also have our own booking engine for flights so no more going to travelocity or staying up until 2 am trying to get the lowest price. dreamtrips platinum comes with everything in the other 2 memberships with a few more perks, platinum is for if you like your champagne on top of your champagne and love to be vip of the vip. you'll never stay in a hotel lower than 4 or 5 star. as a matter of fact some dreamtrips offer 5 diamond hotels. for example the mexico dreamtrips is a 5 diamond hotel. now you may me thinkibg this sounds way to good to be true but i promise you its not. i thought so to at first until i went on my first dreamtrip. Now the business side....world ventures uses word of mouth/network marketing to spread the word about there business and if you know anything about marketing you know world of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. this is how fb,pokemon go,uber,snapchat was built. they give you an opportunity to get your time money freedom both back and break the chains of a 9-5 and all you have to do is invite your friends to come travel the world with you.world ventures doesnt sell anyone into anything because its just an invite. we shouldnt have to sell anyone to travel..we are looking for you if you're looking for us. if you can plug into the training and get people in front of some information whether it be a video or a presentation you will do great at this. world ventures is a personal business and what i mean by that is you invite all of your family and friends first, the ones you know are gonna wanna travel the world or do business with you and from there you can go out to everyone else. now im gonna quickly touch up on the refer 4 pay no more program. so once you join whether it be for the business side, the travel side, or both if  you refer 4 people to join our business at anytime your membership dues are waved for life.... they take the membership dues you pay every month and give you them back as points to use towards a trip. on your 1 year anniversary they have you book a trip and go on it with those points ,1 dollar=1 point. so every dollar you spend on your membership is getting put into a piggy bank for point you can apply to dreamtrips. so say you waved  your fees in your first week.. well they still give you this points in the piggy bank as if you were paying them as a thank you.  this isnt to good to be true guys. its a real opportunity to get out of the rat race of corporate america and live life on your terms. If this sounds life this is something your interested in or wanna know more information i would recommend going to http://www.worldventures.biz/ and clicking on 2. play the video but allow it to buffer a bit. it explains everything about the company and how everything works. if its for you then feel free to PM me on her or facebook and we will lock arms and i will help you grow your business just as my leaders have been helping me.you will not be in this alone i can tell you that.

This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Deontae Word
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