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Essential Oils are being used in homes, hospitals, and medical offices across the country.  Why? Because with the rise in health care costs as well as the overwhelming surge to finding natural solutions for health and wellness, Essential Oils are rising in popularity among consumers seeking a natural wellness alternative.  A recent study by the Deloitte University Press showed that 22% of Americans were seeking a substitute for their healthcare by using natural or alternative medicines instead of traditional medicines.  This number was slightly higher among gen-x generations.  As a form of alternative therapy, essential oils are a safe, natural solution that compliments modern medical treatments.  Not to be used as a substitute for medical care and advice, however, as a complimentary support for body and wellness.  In our family of 7, due to the proper use of essential oils in our daily routine, our frequent medical visits has drastically reduced from two to three times per month, to just 7 times per year.  We have taken control of our own wellness.

Simple chemistry can explain why the oils work, and studies can be found on sites such as, and Harvard University proving the efficacy in support of wellness.  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their properties.  The father of medicine, Hippocrates, used Oregano in his work, recognizing it for the powerful effect it had on his patients.  Melaleuca oil, or Tea Tree, has been found in numerous studies to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and has been used for decades by athletes around the world to support healthy skin and nails on their feet.  Peppermint oil has been shown to improve the anaerobic function of the muscles, and is used by runners and other endurance athletes to ensure proper performance.  

My mission and vision for my team are clear, to educate and empower those around us to take charge of their own wellness, encourage education, and promote natural resources for supporting chemical, physical, and emotional health.  Providing a catalyst for others to become more physically fit, emotionally aware, and financially secure; providing the education and support needed to empower your physical, mental, and financial health through confidence and natural solutions.   I am not building a team to simply make money.  I work with essential oils to make a real difference in the lives of those I teach and empower.  

If you feel that my team philosophy matches your own, you can find out more about our team and what we do here.  You can also find out more about the company I represent here.  I look forward to working with you and empowering one another through mutual goals.

This article was published on 10.12.2015 by Tamara Hancock
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