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My name is Gerry Delaney and i hail from the beautiful country that is Ireland .

I have been involved in Network Marketing since 2013 ,when i decided i had enough of the daily grind of the 9 -5 job , although for me it was more a case of the 5-8 job as i was self employed in the construction sector for almost 20 years .I guess the recession did'nt help either .So i took to the worldwide web for a solution , man its a vast place , so many online opportunities , I tell you now , I got lost I a few scams and you learn quickly that all is not what it seems with these jobs , but thankfully I didn't lose too much money .

So I found a legitimate opportunity that also thought you all about internet marketing and I learned a lot from it , since then I have been involved with two more companies online and have gained a lot of experience from them , but the latest company I am now with blew all the others out of the water , I am so exited about the future with this company and I want to share that here with you .

I am looking for people to join me and be part of an amazing community .Here is a little insight into the company .

 Do you post and share information with your friends on Facebook ? Perhaps you belong to a Business group or you promote your business on Facebook .

Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for your pictures , posts or chatting !

Well theres  new Facebook in town and its called FutureNet , it is sweeping the globe as we speak and YES , they pay YOU , to Post , Chat , Share etc .

You can advertise your Business here for Free also , check it out here   http://dela1.futurenet.club/

But wait , there is more !

You can create a very profitable business from FutureNet from as little as $10.In fact FutureNet has 8 different ways to make money from it , now that's a social media site on steroids ,don't you think ?

Take a look for yourself and I hope you can see what I and thousands of other people have seen and are now part of  , http://www.join.my-online.business/

Join me in the social media revolution sweeping the globe !

This article was published on 03.07.2016 by Gerry Delaney
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