One in 100, that is all I'm looking for!

Dear Associates,

I do a lot of cold calling with my business opportunity. And I've had some of the best training on the Internet.

Training that goes on to this day, and will go on forever.

One thing that I've learned, and that is no matter how you get your leads.

If you buy them $5.00 a lead, or hundred thousand for $100.00 There is one thing that seems to always hold true.

There is only one person in 100 that I'm looking for. Or should I say One in a 100 that is looking for me.

So I go through the leads pretty fast. One negative thing and I'm gone!

And pretty soon I find the person that wants to talk, and who is excited about what I have to say.

Now finding that person can be quite difficult. You might have to run through 200 names, and then find two people in a row.

But the important thing to remember, is that they are out there, and they are waiting for you to call them.

They might not consciously know they're waiting for you, but when you get them on the phone, they suddenly become very interested in what you have to say.

Now we could all run through hundred names, and all find one person that wants to talk to us.

It's an amazing thing. The people that don't relate to me, will, relate to someone else.

So it doesn't really matter to me, if the leads are exclusive or not. Still, there is that one person in a 100, that's waiting to hear my voice, waiting to hear what I have to say and excited to hear it too!

One of my mentors taught me a funny game to play. To count and see how many NO's you can get in a row.

Before you have to explain your opportunity. It becomes a very fun game when you get up and to 80 and 90s, and you're just trying to break a hundred.

And you can also to count how many times you get close to breaking 100 when you find that person that's excited to hear about your opportunity. And have to start over! Thinking I got so close that time!

It really helps cause you don't care that they say No, your hoping for it!

What makes the game interesting is that you will very rarely break 100, without finding that person.

The whole secret of cold calling, is to engage the person in talking about themselves.

There's one person they care about more than any other! And that is themselves! People love to talk about them. So let them talk and write down notes about what they're telling you!

Do not talk to them about your opportunity, just find out if they're interested in and making extra money working from home.

And then start interviewing them, like for a job. Asking them what their goals are? What do they want out of life? How many hours a day can they work? How much money they would like to make?

And then summoned up in such a way that you engage them in the vision that they have told you about!

Just feed it all back to them,just as they gave it to you, so they can see their vision fulfilled!

And then always use a third-party tool to explain your business.

By using a third-party tool. I mean to send them to a video or presentation of some sort on the Internet.

So verify their email address and tell them that you will send them a link, and asked them when do they think that they'd be able to review this information.?

And then make an appointment with them to call back after they have reviewed the information.

But do not set a time. Because if you set a time you'll call them back ,they'll know it's you,and might not pick up the phone. Just make it like for in the morning or the afternoon of the next day.

And if they say they're going to review the information right then,  make an appointment to call them back five minutes after whatever time it takes to see the information.

With my opportunity. The video is about 22 minutes long, so I try to make a point to call them back after 27 minutes. And asked them if they have any questions.

And once I've answered all the questions, I say the most important line.

I asked them,"So then are you ready to get started?" And it's important to not say another thing!

He who speaks first loses! There might be to or three minutes of complete silence!

But just wait for them to run through all the reasons why not to do it, and usually they can't think of any reason why not to do it, therefore, they do it, and sign right up!

There is one lady that I heard about that hated to making cold calls. She came up with a very unique system.

If you've ever tried to call people you know that 70% never pick up the phone and it goes to voicemail. So she developed a very nice voicemail to leave. Then she had no trouble talking to the people that we called her back.

Funny, I heard that if someone did answer she would just hang up, and if they tried to call her back right than she wouldn't pick up. Shed speak only to the people, where she had left the message and they call the back.

And her sales were phenomenal! She made more sells than most of her colleagues!

So there it is my message of the day! A huge business builder sits before you on the table, it is your phone!

If you can master cold calling, you can grow a huge business!

I recently bought a book from a guy, and he was against cold calling, himself, anyway, and suggested

that you hire somebody to do it for you. There are professional phone people, that will give you great results!

Still the truth is there, there is a huge business builder sitting on your desk right now! And it is your phone!

And with every call you make it becomes easier. And with every call you make you become better.

And it is not long before you are professional phone person, making sells every day, just by talking to people! 

There was also a man that I heard about, an elderly guy in his 80s. He had joined a company that had some 

kind of face cream. 

The people at company told him he just needed to talk to people and asked them if they wanted to buy some face cream.

 So he got his phone book, and started with the  A's.

He would just call people up and ask them "would you like to buy some face cream?"

 So every day. That's what he would do.

He built a $60,000 dollar a month business, before he was finished with the B's!

So there is power in that phone sitting on your desk or in your pocket right now!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James

This article was published on 28.12.2015 by James Seal
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