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Hello My name is Wes and I am a network marketer. I have been in the network marketing industry for 6

years and my first 5 and half years I failed. I was involved with another company and looking back at it I

now know why I failed. I was involved but I was not passionate about it. I was just in it to make money and

I made very little. Since that I took a year break and got back into the workforce and let me tell you, this is

not where I want to be. I know network marketing works and I was praying for a company that I could

really love and be passionate about. Then through my step daughter who is 20 and in the Navy,  I was

introduced to this company about 4 months ago and I have been on fire! This is simply a no brainer and   

after watching the presentation I was hooked and jumped right in. Since then I have made my money back

and I am now profitable. I love this idea because it is what I am all about. So, Look I am going to be straight

forward with you.

I am in the travel industry which is a 8 trillion dollar industry.

This is the best travel club in the world and it is very exclusive. I am looking for people who know where they

are going in life and for myself I am going to the top 10 in the company. I need passionate people only, who

want to learn and are coach able in doing this proven system that is changing lives every single day! I need

the risk takers who aren't afraid of the "No's". If you are this person then come and join our team and watch

how we change people's lives and make you a better future! "Hard work beats talent any day of the week"

Contact me and let's Run together!

For a brief Idea of What I do, its simple do you like to travel or make money or do both! Simple! Everyone

takes vacations or strives to take vacations, everyone wants to make more money or attempts to make

more money! I am here to tell and show you that you can do both! With energy and effort, I can help you

change your mindset and when you change your mindset, you can change your life!

This article was published on 05.08.2016 by Wesley Porter
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