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Globalhelpersalliance Introduction : Global helpers alliance is an empowerment programme with headquarters in the United States. Registration is just a token one - time pay off $5,(#1000) = One thousand naira only It is a system that requires every member to introduce 2 persons each,once any member introduces more than 2 persons ,such extra person(s)will spillover or spill under thereby, making the matrix stages to fill faster with the power of follow your leader principle. This our NEW COMPETITION INCOME PLAN will allow members to earn from four different stages. Also,one stage gives rise to the next and they include: (1) Assistant manager stage (2) Deputy manager stage (3) Manager stage (4) General manager stage Compensation Plan :- Their chosen compensation plan is in three form thus: 2*2 forced matrix,2*3 system and 2*6 forced matrix system. Bellow are details of how members are rewarded upon completion of a stage and as they move from one stage to another (1) STARTER POINT. ASSISTANT MANAGER (2*2 matrix) This is the first stage of the business that every registered member must start with and pass through. All you need here is a total of 6 persons, meaning ,you get your 2 and your 2 get their 2 each. Benefits:- You will be qualified to . earn . automatic movement to deputy manager stage. Summary :- You+2+4 =6people (2) DEPUTY MANAGER (2*6 matrix) The people in your starter point, move down with you Benefits :- You will be qualified to earn . step out fund of $255 . promotion bonus of $50 Total payout is $305 .Automatic movement to manager stage Award :- .one Tablet Summary: - You+2+4+8+16+32+64=126people (3) MANAGER (2*6 matrix) The people in your "deputy manager stage" move down with you Benefits :- You will be qualified to earn . step out fund is $9200 . promotion bonus is $300 .children allowance is $1000 . travel allowance is $1000 Total payout is $11500 Award:- . TV Set . KIA RIO Summary: - You+2+4+8+16+32+64=126people (4) GENERAL MANAGER STAGE (2*3 matrix) The people in your "manager stage"move down with you to complete Benefits :- You will be qualified to earn . step out fund if $23,000 . final bonus is $1000 .project allowance $2000 . travel allowance $3000 . house grant $15,000 Total payout is $44,000 Award :- .A Hyundai Jeep Summary: - You +2+4+8=14people For more detailgs Visit :h Go through it and ask questions where not cleared... FAQ 1. What does globalhelpersalliance represents? We desire to render assistance to the less privileged and the poor thereby reducing poverty level. 2. How much do I have to contribute to become a partner? US$5 OR =N=1,000 ONLY. 3. How many people do I have to introduce? You are permitted to introduce only 2 people direct. 4. How many accounts can I have? You are permitted to have multiple accounts. 5. How do I make contribution and get my benefits? You pay your partnership contribution using E-WALLET, and receive your benefits with your local bank accounts. Your local bank account is credited on THURSDAYS for withdrawals. Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is US$50 and 5% charges are deducted. 6. Where is your HEAD OFFICE? The Head Office is located in USA. 12003 FONDREN PLACE DRIVE, HOUSTON, TX 77071.USA B.AFRICAN REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE: SUITE 107, OBA T.T.DADA INTERNATIONAL MARKET, IDIROKO ROAD, OTA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA. 7. How many months would it take me to complete the FOUR stages? It depends on individual abilities and capabilities. 8. What are the benefits? The benefits are numerous as explained in the compensation plan. 9. Can I change my Account Details after registration? NO, you cannot. 10. Assurance that GLOBALHELPERSALLIANCE will not collapse like others? Be assured that GHA is here to stay and would by the grace of GOD be around for a very long time. 11. Do you have products? No. But what we sell are services to humanity. 12. Do you accept online payment platforms? No. 13. Can I use my cash benefits to register other partners? Yes. You can collect cash from your intending down lines and transfer from your e-wallet for the purpose of registration. 14. Can I re-enter after completing the stage of GENERAL MANAGER? YES. You re-enter with US$1000.00 only.
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