A Brand New Company and a Brand New Approach

Everyone who decides to go into network marketing wants to join the best company out there, and every company claims to be the best.  So which do you choose?

I started out in a company that I won’t name but which was based heavily on the need to recruit. This was overwhelming and the pressure of that along with a couple of other concerns, eventually saw me throw in my cards and walk away.

I vowed never to set foot into another MLM company ever again….and lasted about two weeks!

My phone buzzed on Tuesday afternoon in early August and an old contact was asking how I was and eventually the conversation moved to the inevitable offer of the best opportunity of my life.

I did my usual “Yep, sounds great. Yep, i’ll look into it and come back to you” thing but unusually, I did look into it. And the more I looked, the more great it did indeed sound. So the next morning, I signed.

Why did I sign? Mostly because it was free so the risk was zero. A little bit because the products involved looked like something people would want.

Fast forward three weeks and I’m hooked. This experience has totally changed my view of MLM.  

There is no critical requirement to recruit. Sure, you can sign people up, and if you do, you will benefit from it - but your success in the company and your ability to earn money does not DEPEND on it. I like that.

I love that the CEO is open and honest and takes the time to talk directly to all of us once a week and tell us exactly what is going on. He shows us the offices that he is opening, he walks us around the distribution centres and shows us the products, waiting to be ordered and sent.

There is no comfort greater than knowing that you are in the hands of someone who is a legend in network marketing, someone who produces products for over 20 other MLM companies around the world, someone who is held in the highest regard by Eric Worre - surely the definitive expert in the industry. I feel safe.

I adore the support and overall approach of my team - there to help me when I need it but not choking in their determination for me to fill my (their) team up.

I can make money by selling. I can make money by signing people up. I can make money from both.

I need never spend a single penny of my own money - everything can be done such that this is unnecessary. And I can make 50-100% profit on every single item I sell.

But the very best thing about it, is the fact that the company is so new that in the UK there are less than 2000 people signed up and internationally, less than 250,000! Its like being asked to join Avon a month before it launched - I mean come on - how badly must people that said no have kicked themselves after a year or two!

MLM need not be a bad experience. It’s still early days for me and for the company but I have no reason to feel that things will get anything other than better - and thats a nice place to be.

If you want to know more about my company, check out www.vidadivinauk.com or send me a message. Remember - its free to join, so you can lock in your place and then learn about the business. You won’t look back.

This article was published on 29.08.2016 by Abi Hodgson
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