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Welcome to Lifevantage!  We are the leaders in Nutrigenomics.  With our Nrf1 and Nrf2 catagory breakthroughs we are tMy company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ as LFVN, and  published in over twenty university studies as the only supplement to do what it's patented says it does.  Dr. Joseph McCord is known as the "Father of Antioxidants" developed this wonderful supplement and started a revolution in anti aging. 

Search for yourself and type in oxidative stress, Nrf2 activation.  This will show you all the research that has been done in the last thirty years on these subjects.  Then search protandium, you will find all the articles that have been published by world renowned universities; as well as The American Heart Association.  Protandium is a game changer and we are the first to market with this all natural, scientifically proven technology. 

Our star ship product, Protandium reduces inflammation by 40% in 30 day for any mammal.  We are changing lives for the better at Lifevantage with educating people about oxidative stress and the effects of aging it has on the body.  Nrf2 activation and how it helps the body to become more productive and perform at a level that never has been achieved before now.  Health and wellness as we know it today is changing.  People are tired of the mundane.  Tired of being sick and tired, tired of being strapped down to a job without an end in sight of hope for a better life.

We are a wellness company that believes our products stand on the science that backs them.  With our line of products to choose from you won't be disappointed.  Protandium, AXIO (our energy drink has all the ingredients of Protandium along with monorah pine bark, DMAE, and more leaves you with no sugar crash, no heart racing and still gives you better health), True Science (our skin care line with Nrf2 activation), Canine Health (Protandium for your furry friends) and PHYSIQ (This is our new weigh weight loss and management line up).  What is so different about it?  Backed by science and with our Nrf2 properties that is what makes us different! 

With Lifevantage YOU too can have better health, better performance and a better future for yourself and your family.  The opportunity is here.  The opportunity is now.  Catch the wave before it takes you under.

This article was published on 07.12.2015 by Alicia Osmera
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