$1.00 Business in Pre-Launch

Built For Success! We believe the plan we have created is one of the finest in the history of home-based business. It solves some of the most troubling challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

1) It's affordable for the masses.

2) Each phase provides much more value than the price.

3) Commissions are used to pay for a part of or the entire phase benefit upgrades.

4) Reps receive "Yes" after "Yes" more often than getting no's they typically experience with other businesses.

5) It's the perfect Feeder Program for other businesses. If they say no to the more expensive opportunity first, you can probably refer them to this. If they say yes to the other business first, you can still probably refer them to this.

One of the main points you must understand and agree to is that... YES, you may pay more than $1.00 and that's OK, even Great... and here's why!

You must understand and agree that in our system, MOST people who refer 2 members will pay a portion of their Phase 1 auto-upgrade when they have qualified by referring 2 customers for $1. And that's perfectly Ok. Why?

1) Because as the members they refer follow them into phase 1, they will receive $2.50 for each plus 50 cents per team member who follows them! So for example, if they refer 2 who follow them, they immediately earn $5.00 after they are charged, and if they refer 4 who follow them, they immediately earn $10.00 right after they are charged. And since they paid less than $10.00 for their upgrade, they are moving into immediate profit! That's what makes our system superior!

2) Also because the value of what they receive is worth much more than $10.00. As a matter of fact, most people can save $5, $10, $20 or more their first week just by using the member benefits. Look at it this way...

1. You joinas a member for only $1.00. Can you afford that?

2. You use your benefits to get paid $10.00 from one of the Apps, and you save money on things you were going to buy anyway. So you are way ahead already!

3. You refer 4 people to join for $1.00 and do the same.

4. The next week you pay around $8.50 for your Phase 1 upgrade. So what? You are already ahead. And watch...

5. Your 4 follow you into Phase 1 and you earn 25% ($2.50 on each). So you just made $10.00 right after you paid $8.50. That means you are profiting! Then the faster your team grows, the faster your profits can exceed whatever you spend. And you can write off anything you spend off your taxes! Representatives Agree... By joining, you must agree to follow the system and how it works. If you refer nobody, you will remain a customer and pay only $1 per month. If you refer others and submit your Representative Agreement, you will become a Member/Representative and receive commissions on your referral's purchases.


If you are not willing to pay a few dollars for your phase 1 upgrade and have the potential for the outcome like Bob and Mary experienced in this demo, then we ask you not to join as a Rep. You can simply be someone's customer when we open the store. Building an extra income is not for everybody and if it's not for you, we completely understand. However, if it is for you, join us, refer 2 or more and start building your passive residual income today!


This article was published on 23.11.2016 by Adoniram Gibbes
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