Gold is everything

Gold is the most appreciated object for wealth

Be a partner with Swiss Golden and over 2000€ over and over 

Invest in Gold with Swissgolden 

Swissgolden Business opportunity is designed for entrepreneurs 

Swissgolden trades is investing in gold bars not jewellery. The gold bars are pure gold of 24karat from some respectable refineries from Germany, switzerland and Russia.

Swiss golden was incorporated in 2012 in the British virgin island and it has it head quarters in london.

The gold is kept in Swiss bank.

Why invest in gold?  The value never drops, it never expire, it's respected worldwide,  desired, it's universal , it's an assets which can be sold even in banks. It's definitely worth having 

What the company offers;

You can buy the gold bars and keep it as assets , you can buy 1-100g bars.

For entrepreneurs you can build a lucrative business by buying the gold bars and also get others to buy too from swissgolden, and thats where we come in.

The business model:

It's Base on a 7 cell tables of orders of prelimunary, main, VIP and VIP+

Below are the investment and bonuses for each  partucular table.

Preliminary table; investment is 220€ and bonus is 800€

Main table; investment is 720€ and bonus is 7000€ (it has three tables)

VIP table; investment  is 2800€ and bonus is 28000€ (it has three tables)

VIP+ table; investment is 9850€ and bonus  is 98000€.

All that u r required is to start from preliminary or the main table at 220€ or 720€ respectively. The investment from subsequent tables will be deducted from subsequent earning from previous tables

You are also allowed more than one order

All you need to qualify for the bonus is referring a minimum of 2 customers to swissgolden.

So think about the potential of swissgolden and also remember you are not alone on each table

Everyone works to close the table because it's the ultimate goal.

So be a swissgolden customer today and order your gold at 220€ to join the preliminary table or 720€ to join the main table.

You can have your bonus in gold sent to you via courier, or you can resell to the company and it pays you to your euro account. The company can also keeps your gold bars as safe keep in the Swiss bank on a monthly fee of 0.1% of the gold value or you can use your bonus as coupons used to activate customers orders. 

The customer pays you cash and you give them the coupon code to activate or you can use your Mastercard to receive and register with Swissgolden 

Take a bold step today and place your order with Swissgolden 

This article was published on 12.06.2016 by Aisha Aliyu
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