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Unlock The Healing Power Of Adaptogens To Achieve Optimal Health People have been using adaptogenic herbs for more than 2,500 years, and much of today's medical research confirms their healing power. Adaptogens are natural substances found only in a few rare plants and herbs. These plants and herbs provide special nutrients that help the body achieve optimal mental, physical and work performance. The use of Adaptogens has been a part of Ayurvedic, Chinese, North American Indians and alternative medicines for centuries. Researchers have found that Adaptogenic herbs can support the healthy function of bodily systems and protect the body from biological, chemical, environmental and psychological stressors. In traditional Chinese medicine, Adaptogenic herbs were used to increase endurance, reduce fatigue, enhance immunity, and increase life span. Today, more than 50 years of scientific research has confirmed these health benefits and much more: • Central nervous system: They enhance intellectual performance, alertness, concentration, learning, and memory • Immune system: They increase production of T cells, which fight bacteria, viruses, and cancer • Stress response: They regulate the release of stress hormones and enhance the flexibility of the stress response system • Energy and Sleep: They boost energy on the cellular level and help regulate cortisol production, which directly affects sleep quality Introducing SoulEra® - The Finest In Nature And Science SoulEra® is a custom formulated proprietary blend of seven Adaptogens and three additional herbs. The formulation of SoulEra® was studied with numerous clinical studies and resulted in published research papers. • 50 years of scientific research • 3000 clinical trials • 1200 scientists • Millions of dollars invested The SoulEra® Blend SoulEra® is a blend of "adaptogenic" herbs extracted from virgin forests and formulated as a liquid elixir to be taken daily. 1. Completely non-toxic to the human body and have no harmful or negative effects no matter what amount or how long they are used. 2. The SoulEra® Adaptogens catalyze responses in the body to increase the body's mental and physical performance as well as provide resistance to stressful insults at the cellular level. 3. Their effect is to balance and normalize the body's systems leading to overall homeostasis and health. Scientists have devoted their lives to the discovery and application of natural substances that would have the greatest benefit to mankind, they were determined to combine the herbs having the greatest benefit into one “elixir”, the result is the blend we call SoulEra®. The Adaptogens And Natural Plant Antioxidants In SoulEra® King of Adaptogens, Eleutherococcus • Combats Stress • Tonic – Increased work ability • Stimulated mental work ability • Increases resistance to heat and cold • Resistance to infections • Resistance to tumor formation • Improves eyesight – color and clarity • Improves clarity of hearing Viburnum Sargentii - A Natural Plant Antioxidant • High amount of vitamin and complex organic acid • Stress-protective benefits • Reduces the toxicity of alcohol • Recommended as a food supplement for stress management, chronic fatigue syndrome and for prophylaxis of dysfunctions under conditions of rapidly changing environmental, climatic and social conditions • Aids in preventing seasonal diseases such as colds, influenza • Slows the degenerative processes of aging Hawthorn - A Natural Plant Antioxidant • Decreases cholesterol levels • Decreases angina (chest pain) by dilating the cardiac blood vessels • Prevents congestive heart failure by improving the contractions of the cardiac muscles, very similar to the preion medication Digitalis • Lowers blood pressure • Promotes a regular cardiac rate and rhythm • Improves general circulation Mountain Ash • Excellent a source of natural vitamins and carotenoids • Reduce the lipids in the liver and cholesterol in blood • Possess cholagogue and diuretic properties influencing urolithiasis in the kidneys and urinary tract, and also possess antiinflammatory, hemostatic, aid capillary-tonic activity • Vitamin, astringent, easy laxative, sudorific action • Helps to lower blood pressure, raise coagulability of blood, and is used as an agent for lowering the fat content in the liver and cholesterol in blood • Treatment of headaches Rhaponticum carthamoides • Tonic and stimulant for mental activity • Tonic and stimulant for physical activity • Combats physical fatigue • Combats impotence • Improves the brain’s blood supply • Lowers cholesterol in animal studies • Normalizes some oxidative processes • Increases work performance Rhodiola rosea • Increases endurance for static and dynamic work loads • Anti-metastatic • Combats impotence • Improves cardiac activity • Hypotonia • Effective in treatment of neurosis (Tomsk Medical University) Schizandra chinensis • Anti-atherosclerotic activity • Improves eyesight • Combats effects of physical and mental over exertion • Combats sleeplessness • Improves sexual activity • Neurasthenia • Widely used in Japan, China and Russia to combat fatigue Aralia mandshurica • Stimulates central nervous system • Stimulates glucocorticoid function of adrenal glands • Increases oxidative-restorative processes • Strong antitoxic action • Folk Medicine uses: - Stomatitis - Grippe - Cold - Nocturnal enuresis Chinese Licorice • Adrenocorticotrophic activity • Anti-inflammatory • Expectorant • Anti-allergenic • Estrogenic • Anti-cancer action • Uses in Folk Medicine - Lung disease - Ulcers - Cancer Chaga • Used for centuries as a cancer cure, diabetes, stomach ailments, blood disorders, bronchitis, liver damage, hypertension, tumors and other antibacterial or antiviral infection • Stimulate the central nervous and neurohumoral systems, improve metabolism including activation of metabolism in cerebral tissue, regulate the activity of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, stimulate the homogeny (increase the level of leukocytes), act as an over-all strengthening means, increase the resistibility of the body to the infectious diseases, possess antipyretic properties during internal and local application, strengthen the cytostatic activity of antitumorigenic preparations, inhibit the increase of tumors, causing their gradual regression and slow down the development of metastases, i.e. possess cytostatic action • Helps to restore the natural resistance processes of the organism and increases its protecting mechanisms directed towards the fight with malignant tumors • Normalize the activity of the gastro-intestinal tract and intestinal micro flora • Healthy life energy balance ("Chi'), preserve youth, promote longevity, and boost the body's immune system to fight viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic maladies Nuyugen was established for the specific purpose of bringing the secrets and benefits of these powerful plant extracts to the people’s of the world. For thousands of years people have benefited from the amazing health giving properties of adaptogen’s, now after decades of research we have combined the most powerful adaptogenic herbs into one “elixir”, called SoulEra®. We at NuYugen are dedicated to allowing everyone who is earnestly seeking better health and a happier lifestyle to have access to this life changing adaptogen blend called SoulEra®. The exciting opportunity that will help the financial health of thousands, and eventually millions, derives its power from this time tested adaptogenic blend. Now you can discover the power of the SoulEra® Blend available exclusively from NuYugen.

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This article was published on 19.09.2018 by Dena Rodemoyer
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