Startup lesson 1

For A Start-up Business.

In any business they are 2 ways to startup a business

1:- Making A Product.

- in making a Product You Need To Know What Kind Of Product That you want To Produce? Is It About Healthcare ? Skincare? Or Digital Stuff. Weight loss.. Nutrient Food. Or Supplyment.? OR Making Ebook? They are lot of things..  in online business you can make money in anyway.. but how? That the point that you should know. How can i make money in online? Making money in my own home and just facing to my computer. ? Let me tell you how to solve your problem. How to make money in online? 

 It simple . 

KNOWLEDGE. To start Something You need To Have KNOWLEDGE First.. If You're brain just like a sitting duck i gureented You arent getting anyway period.  So invest in your time to read a book. Learn from it because they are lot of things that you need to learn from most success people. By reading they book you will learn something. Im one  of a kinda person that hate on reading really.. im serious. But what that push me to read more book? Wanna know? It because inspire. I inspire on people that making there life with they own story. That what touch me. And the more i read i Never expected that im getting more knowledge then ever.. so the moral story is. Read more.. in your free time. So.. back on the story to start a business is making a product.. if in you bank you only have a saving about. 5 -6 figure i wanna tell you that aint enough to make your own product. Just making your own product will cost you About. $1Million DOLLAR.. But IF You have tht kinda of money why not to give yourself a chance. Right? That it for Today.. 

2:-  Is lessening a product 

if you're Short on money you you dont need to buy a product but you can lessening them.  So With just by doing that you can mAke money right Away. And start earning your first 6 fIgure . 

Pick the company that you Want. Find the easy strategy. AnD eArn your cOmmision isnt thaT great. 

So tHat it fOr todAy. WhAt dO you learn? 

1:- kNowledGe to sTart a buSiness

2:- making on product

3:- lessening prOduct

4:- reading more book and learn frOm eVery sucCessful people. 

And thaT it have a great daY todaY. A lazy monday to start your work 

This article was published on 01.08.2016 by Mohammad Azri
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