Even if you have not heard of Onecoin before, you will be able to take part of the grounds and facts in an easily understandable way. It is our goal with this information.

The people behind the information for this page has nothing to do with the organization or company, we are just a couple of regular members who want to share the collected information and experiences as we know there are many questions and concerns. 

Take the first step now, and join Onelife 

1) Starter Package 130 € (includes 1.000 tokens and has 1 split = 2.000 tokens)  

2) Trader Package 530 € (includes 5.000 tokens and has 1 split = 10.000 tokens) 

3) Pro Trader Package 1030 € (includes 10.000 tokens and has 1 split = 20.000 tokens) 

4) Executive Trader Package 3030 € (includes 30.000 tokens + 1 split = 60.000 tokens) 

5) Tycoon Trader Package 5030 € (includes 60.000 tokens + 2 splits = 240.000 tokens) 

 With all the packages mentioned above you have to wait for the splits before it is useful to submit the tokens into the mining.  

6) Premium Trader Package 12530 € (new and a very powerful package, includes 150.000 tokens and has 2 splits and then you will have 600.000 tokens, and you can submit tokens into the mining right away and still you will have two splits and you can mine with a lower mining difficulty than the packages mentioned above).

Here is a good strategy: 

If you buy a Tycoon Trader package and upgrade it immediately to Premium Trader package you will have 4 splits altogether and then you will have 3 360 000 tokens altogether, and you can submit tokens into the mining right away - also after every split and you can mine with a lower mining difficulty (-1 token) than other packages. You can start mining right away and still receive the splits. All prices include the registration fee of 30 € it's time to your paradise.. 

join us:

Are you interested in Onecoin?

With all the opportunities that OneCoin offers and because of its rapid growth, you can design a business strategy that best serves your financial goals. Besides mining the coin and benefiting from its rising price, you can instead promote OneAcademy and the OneCoin concept, and expand your network.

Now, we are in our second of five phases of development, meaning that the more we use the coin, the more opportunities will be out there for all of us as members. The future of OneCoin is in our hands, because we are OneCoin!

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This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Youn Salid
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