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Gaining Funding for Your Business

Have you a need to raise funding for a project or something that is very important to you?

Getting needed capital can sometimes be a very tedious task and most individuals just don't

know where to turn to do so.  Your choices to the acquiring of capital is to borrow it from a

bank or maybe friends and family or share equity with a business that you're trying to get going.

These borrowing possibilities are good, however, they can be difficult, if not impossible to achieve

especially when funds are need quickly.

There is an alternative way to raise capital for things such as:

1.  Starting a Business

2.  Supporting a Ministry

3.  Repairing a Home

4.  Paying for College or a Wedding

5.  Buying a New Car or Home

6.  Paying for a Vacation

7.  Paying off Loans, Bills or Mortages

8.  Supporting a Charity or Cause

This is not:


Now, are you sitting straight up?

Well, the method I'm speaking of to obtain funding is called, "CROWD FUNDING."

CrowdFunding is a rapidly growing industry.  It's estimated that for 2015 over

$35 billion dollars will be raised to fund various projects.

There are many platforms for CrowdFunding on the internet to choose from and

they serve their purpose well.  I've chosen, however, to utilize a CrowdFund system

that is, in my opinion, the ultimate of all the platforms to raise capital.

The system that I use is called, "CROWDRISING."

Watch the following presentation to gain a full understanding:


This is co-operative economics at it best.  This is where people come together

to assist in the building of funds for the attainment of results that people, in some

cases, so desperately need.  "Cash Gifting," is good, however, it's something that

has been stigmatized with too much negativity.  CrowdFunding, is nothing but positive

in that you actually are contributing to any noble cause by helping others.  As we should

know the more you help others get what they want to more you'll get what you want.

This is by far the most efficient method to gaining funding for your needs and you

should give all consideration to this.  No need to borrow money anymore, ever!!

So, come on in and give this a thorough look to see if this is something that will

benefit you and your followers.

"Accept nothing without examination.....Reject nothing without consideration."


Rufus Cross, CVO

Cross Global Networks


This article was published on 27.10.2015 by Rufus Cross
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