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Not too long ago, a dear friend asked if I'd take a look at something new. That something new was a platform that seemed to be just like Facebook, but with a kick! You get PAID!

I thought nothing of getting on Facebook everyday and spend hours off and on. Liking posts. Sharing them. Commenting. It became second nature. I've even advertised on Facebook. Not realizing that there was something out there that would change my mindset all over again, was not even under my radar.

Recently on FutureNet, I wrote my very first blog. In it I said this: 

Y’all, one of the things I love about FutureNet is, it’s so effortless. It has become part of my routine so quickly that I can’t ever imagine it not being so. First thing I do after signing in is go over to the AdPro side of the platform and watch 10 advertisements. I can say, “Well, that’s six minutes out of my day”, and go on with my day. Well it hasn’t happened yet. I go back to the Social side and start posting, liking, recommending, uploading, and chatting. I’m smiling or giggling the whole time. Why? Because FutureNet is paying me to be active on both platforms. Can you imagine?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm still on Facebook. I've many friends and family there. I've promoted a few businesses that has garnered me a hefty list growth. But, this new venture has set me on fire. I want everybody to know about the FutureNet Club. Stay at home mom's and dad's. Grandmothers and fathers. Uncles, Aunts, Cousins. You name them I want them all to know that, IT DOESN'T COST A RED CENT TO JOIN! 

From the moment you're on the board, you're getting paid. Everything you do on the board, you get paid. That blog I mentioned. I got paid for it. There's so many ways to earn I really can't list them all. All I can say is this, follow me here: Getting paid to be social - Amazing!

You will see what I mean. You'll think it's Facebook. It looks like Facebook. It feels like Facebook. But, it ain't. There are 6 ways of earning more other than the free account, called Matrices. There are 6, starting with a $10 Matrix that is a 3 X 10 Forced Matrix. After checking the site out, you'll want to upgrade. I upgraded the very next day. There's spillover, up over, over over. I'm having a wonderful time building a crew I know will be laughing all the way to the bank this time next year. I'd be most happy for you to join us. Oh, and btw, you get paid to chat, too! Go figure!

This article was published on 12.05.2016 by Ethel M Gibbs
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