You can be a millionaire too !!

Even if you have not heard of Onecoin before, you will be able to take part of the grounds and facts in an easily understandable way. It is our goal with this information.

The people behind the information for this page has nothing to do with the organization or company, we are just a couple of regular members who want to share the collected information and experiences as we know there are many questions and concerns.

Onecoin is a cryptocurrency 
  Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, also known as virtual currency. The actual coin itself can roughly be described as a series of numbers that have been calculated and encrypted on a computer. It uses cryptographic currencies to trade just like ordinary currencies and some use cryptocurrencies as a speculative investment just as you do with standard currencies, stocks or bonds. 

Cryptocurrencies has many interesting advantages against common currencies, including affected cryptocurrencies, not of individual countries' economic situations and can not be adjusted by banks. They are thus steady and also a very good option as payment in corrupt countries in banking crises, and so on. To make banking transactions across country borders is also very easy with the crypto currencies without the usual bank fees and delay, etc.

Perhaps the crypto currencies including principal payments worldwide in the future.

Onecoin is a cryptographic value for the people 

Most other crypto currencies are created by geeks for geeks and you have to be technically minded.

Onecoin is rather a crypto currency for the people. You need no computer at home that creates or keeps track of your Onecoins. Everything complicated is done on the server side of Onecoin.

Onecoin have higher security than Bitcoin and is also traceable. Onecoin are in its construction phase and that makes it extra interesting.

Onecoin is approved in both Taiwan and China, and China has currently the largest number of members and it is very positive. The members are coming in from all around and Onecoin has members from more than 200 countries.

Onecoin have Bitcoin to thank for much and have taken great lesson from the Bitcoin journey and has subsequently worked out improvements and even further developed it to a whole new level.

Onecoin is now very favorable to invest in and you can already do internal trade of Onecoins between members.

Onecoin is expected to be public when about 80% of the onecoins are mined.

If you want you can pass on any profits or part of the bonus payments to your regular bank account at any time.

As an alternative you can apply for a MasterCard and the plan is to have it connected to your account in 2016.

Take the first step now, and join Onelife 

Onecoin is currently an extremely affordable investment as it is in its early phase.

Since January the price of the coin has raisen significantly. Compared to €0,50 in January 2015 it increased over 750% up to €3,9 in December 2015. The more we mine the coin, use the coin and expand the network, the more the price will rise.

In January 2015 you could mine 48 000 coins from a Tycoon package, due to mining difficulty at 5 Tokens per coin! In August 2015 you could get 

10 000 coins from a Tycoon after 2 splitts. This means you would be mining at a rate of 20 Tokens per coin. In December, you could get 6 000 coins from a Tycoon pack after the second split with a difficulty rate of 40 Tokens per coin. Therefore the earlier you start mining the coin, the more coins you receive due to constantly increasing mining rate.

While in January 2015 there were 4 290 000 coins mined, in Decemeber there were already over 435 000 000 coins mined. So far 22% of all OneCoins are mined by our miners compared to 0,20% in January. The development shows the rapid increase of members mining the coin as well as the demand for getting coins through the mining process.

The future for OneCoin just looks great and we are now shaping the future of payment!! 
 Are you interested in Onecoin? 

With all the opportunities that OneCoin offers and because of its rapid growth, you can design a business strategy that best serves your financial goals. Besides mining the coin and benefiting from its rising price, you can instead promote OneAcademy and the OneCoin concept, and expand your network.

Now, we are in our second of five phases of development, meaning that the more we use the coin, the more opportunities will be out there for all of us as members. The future of OneCoin is in our hands, because we are OneCoin!

OneCoin - the leading cryptocurrency of the future (digital money) - early joiners profit from low mining price 

The world is changing and digital currency is spreading.

Please join us and start to create a new cryptocurrency called OneCoin; by using OneCoin is possible to have great savings.

Value isn´t affiliated with any governments or central banks and it is inflation free.

OneCoin´s algorithm can produce exactly 2.1 billion coins and now December 18, 2015, there has been mined 455 750 000 (21 %) million OneCoins.

Determination of the value is based on speculation, the persistence of value, the usability and the rest is determined by the law of supply and demand.

OneCoin has a possibility to become the next successful cryptocurrency in the market. OneCoin has excellent technology, innovative approaching through network marketing and usability. This currency can be used easily by MasterCards.

The company has received a banking licence - E- licence and this makes possible to use MasterCard and you can pay with that everywhere in the future, because next year MasterCard is going to convert OneCoins into euros, dollars etc.

OneCoin has bought a bank of its own and this allows in the future global banking services with much lower cost compared with the existing operators.

Through network marketing, we are going to have many users for OneCoin.

It is not mandatory to make network; just buy a package and wait for the rise of the value.

By purchasing training package you will have training for cryptocurrencies and free tokens (options) and with them you can take part to the mining - the company is mining OneCoins on behalf of us and the mathematical formula is going to be solved by the computers and the servers of the company.

The Exchange for trading OneCoins was opened in June the 15, 2015 for the members of the network and there we can trade with OneCoins and tokens and when there has been mined 50 % of the OneCoins, it will be opened for the outsiders, too and then everyone has an opportunity to trade with OneCoins.

Right now we have globally over 785 000 members in 204 countries; the amount of Chinese is over 446 000, Finnish members over 12 800.

OneCoin market Capitalization - One cryptocurrency exchange has started listing OneCoin - we are listed currently the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

1) Starter Package 130 € (includes 1.000 tokens and has 1 split = 2.000 tokens) 

2) Trader Package 530 € (includes 5.000 tokens and has 1 split = 10.000 tokens)

3) Pro Trader Package 1030 € (includes 10.000 tokens and has 1 split = 20.000 tokens)

4) Executive Trader Package 3030 € (includes 30.000 tokens + 1 split = 60.000 tokens)

5) Tycoon Trader Package 5030 € (includes 60.000 tokens + 2 splits = 240.000 tokens)

With all the packages mentioned above you have to wait for the splits before it is useful to submit the tokens into the mining. 

6) Premium Trader Package 12530 € (new and a very powerful package, includes 150.000 tokens and has 2 splits and then you will have 600.000 tokens, and you can submit tokens into the mining right away and still you will have two splits and you can mine with a lower mining difficulty than the packages mentioned above).

Here is a good strategy:

If you buy a Tycoon Trader package and upgrade it immediately to Premium Trader package you will have 4 splits altogether and then you will have 3 360 000 tokens altogether, and you can submit tokens into the mining right away - also after every split and you can mine with a lower mining difficulty (-1 token) than other packages. You can start mining right away and still receive the splits.

All prices include the registration fee of 30 €. 
Juha Parhiala: 

We are so excited to announce that Financial IT, a leading authority in financial technology, recently announced they are performing a full cover story on Dr. Ruja Ignatova and the OneCoin vision. In their newest issue to come, Dr. Ruja Ignatova will be featured on the cover of this magazine and there will be a 2 page article sharing OneCoin's story & vision to the world. 

When asked why he decided to do this, owner of Financial IT ( Chris Principe stated "When I first heard about OneCoin, I thought it was either a scam or a pyramid scheme. After researching further and getting an opportunity to interview Dr. Ignatova, I was absolutely impressed with the technology backing OneCoin and their block chain, as well as excited about their vision for today's economy. OneCoin is leading the charge of acquiring the masses into the crypto currency shift across the globe. They're doing an amazing job at taking what normally is the complicated idea of crypto currency and making it ultra simple and easy to understand so anyone can get involved and profit from it." 

Almost 80% of all major banks subscribe to Financial IT's magazine. They carry a tremendous reputation for valid and legitimate information regarding today's banking and financial technology solutions.

------ Take the first step now, and join Onelife :

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