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Revolutionizing Food Access: Inside the iFood Inclusive Economy

Welcome to the future of AgriTech, where food access is redefined, and community empowerment is at the forefront. iFood, an innovative project poised to revolutionize food distribution and agribusiness, is taking center stage with its groundbreaking approach to creating an inclusive food economy. In this article, we delve into the core principles and strategies of iFood, exploring how it aims to transform the way we produce, distribute, and consume food globally.

Unlocking the Potential of Agribusiness

iFood's mission is rooted in empowering smallholders, recognizing their pivotal role in global food security and prosperity. With over two billion people earning their livelihoods through agriculture, iFood aims to make agribusiness profitable and sustainable for these individuals. By leveraging technology and community-driven initiatives, iFood strives to create a future where everyone has access to nutritious food while ensuring fair returns for farmers.

The iFood Vision: Driving Global Food Security

At the heart of iFood lies a vision for global food security. With a significant portion of the world's population facing malnutrition and hunger, iFood sees an opportunity to address these challenges through its Inclusive Food Economy concept. By starting in Nigeria and expanding globally, iFood aims to catalyze a concerted effort towards ensuring food security for all.

A Multi-Faceted Solution

iFood's approach is multifaceted, built upon several core pillars:

Agrinnovate: iFood's market concept, Agrinnovate, is set to revolutionize the agribusiness environment by streamlining the food value chain. By connecting input producers directly with farms and consumers, Agrinnovate aims to reduce costs for consumers and ensure sustained profits for farmers.

Green Revolution: Organic Revolution, an integral component of iFood, focuses on promoting organic farming practices and ensuring a reliable supply of healthy and affordable food. Through training, cooperatives, and integrated farm estates, iFood empowers farmers and participants to adopt sustainable agricultural methods.

DIY Agric: iFood's urban and suburban initiative, DIY Agric, empowers individuals to produce their own food using organic methods. By providing training and support, DIY Agric enables participants to save on food expenses while contributing to community sustainability.

Empowering Communities through iFood Mart

Central to iFood's distribution model is the iFood Mart, a network of distributors responsible for supplying food items to communities. By becoming an iFood Mart operator, individuals can play a crucial role in ensuring food access for their locality while earning profits through profit-sharing agreements with iFood.

Creating Opportunities for All

iFood recognizes the diverse needs and capacities of its participants and offers two categories of iFood Mart operators: Mega iFood Mart and Regular iFood Mart. These options cater to varying investment capabilities, allowing individuals to choose the level that best suits their circumstances while enjoying incentives and profit-sharing benefits.

Join the iFood Revolution

The iFood ecosystem offers a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in a global movement towards food security and sustainability. By registering with iFood, participants gain access to a range of benefits, including discounted food prices, monthly cashbacks, and opportunities for residual income through referral commissions and multilevel bonuses.


As we stand on the brink of a new era in food production and distribution, iFood emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. By fostering collaboration, empowering communities, and leveraging technology, iFood is poised to transform the way we think about food. Join the iFood revolution today and be a part of creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

This article was published on 11.02.2024 by Pete Ade
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