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Why Your Business Opportunity Is Not That Important...

This might come as a shock to some people, but you'd be surprised as to just how many people aren't very receptive to another business opportunity. So what do most networkers tend to do when interacting with other people?

They vomit tons of info onto other people about the company, the comp plan, the products/service, origins, notoriety etc. Basically looking to make their company sound as attractive as possible to other people.

The problem?

People don't really care about your company or opportunity.

Because in reality most networkers behave in this matter that an info dump about what their company has to offer gives people the best picture of what they can achieve by joining their team.

But there's one thing they consistently miss that is far more important than the actual opportunity...

... And it's the person selling it. 

So what does that mean? First of all we need to understand that people don't see your opportunity as unique when there's thousands of different others out there they can join. You can point out all of the perks and it still wouldn't make a difference. And hyping it up to the moon actually makes it less appealing.

And it's likely these people have been approached by others in the same company already. So it's not a matter of what your opportunity is but what you have to offer OUTSIDE of your opportunity.

Every affiliate/networker has an opportunity but MOST don't have any sort of system, trainings, or resources outside of their company's that distinguishes them from the rest. And this Is the primary difference between other networkers and affiliates.

People aren't just looking for businesses to join. They want to know that the person they're signing up with has actual value that they can share that will help them see results faster.

The reason why see some seriously successful marketers out there is because of the fact that they provide their recruits with necessary tools, trainings and systems to catapult them in the right direction. This also helps with ensuring your recruits stay in for the long haul. And again, an overwhelming majority of networkers do not have this as to why so many are struggling in their businesses.

If you're struggling to recruit more people onto your team, then I have a solution that I'd like to share with you. With this, you'll have an extremely powerful system to add to your arsenal and share with your present and future teammates.

A system known as the Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM in short. A system so powerful, it allowed a mentor of mine to recruit 934 people into his networking business and replaced his job's income within 5-6 months.

How does it work? 

PEM operates as a system with the hard work already done for you. A 5-step video series showing you a simple setup tutorial in setting up your PEM. Creating an account on the World's most powerful marketing platform, creating your own email account (if you don't have one already) and tapping in to hundreds of leads a day looking for networking opportunities. 

And not only will this be a system that you and your teammates will be using to skyrocket your results, but also allow you to create multiple additional income streams on top of your existing business income.

And yes, you can achieve this even when people say no to your business. Start setting up you Perpetual Enrollment Machine Here.

If you're looking to get the biggest advantage that I guarantee almost no affiliates or networkers have in the industry, PEM is going to be the best decision you've made in terms of your home-based business.

And it's systems like these that distinguish a small percentage of affiliates from the rest. And why these affiliates are able to produce the life-changing income for themselves in their businesses.

Stop talking about all the perks your business has and start sharing with others the tools they need to maximize their business when they join you. You're only one system away from creating the network marketing business of your dreams.

This article was published on 22.03.2020 by Kevin Williams
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