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I'm willing to bet that you are on Facebook; and you have groups and pages you use to promote your networks and other businesses you're involved in. But do you know about FutureNet? It's a Social Network very much like Facebook, except that you can get paid for using it. So, rather than just posting on Facebook and getting referrals from there, you can also post on FutureNet, and get to a different target... probably a better target because it's generally people who understand the concepts of making money online.

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FutureNet is still new and there is so much potential! It's the perfect time to get on board. Facebook makes billions of dollars in advertising revenue. They get money from the advertisers, feed the ads to YOU, and they share none of the revenue with you (unless you're a shareholder of course). Using the content of your posts, pictures and videos you share, they are able to feed you targeted ads that will get your attention. And when you do respond to the ads, you still get no part of the revenue. But with FutureNet, you are every bit as much a shareholder in that you share in the revenue generated. FutureNet recognizes that it's your posts, likes, comments and recommendations that generate targeting for the ads, which in turn attract the advertisers. So, they pay you for posting, liking and commenting! That's the beauty of a profit-sharing social media site like FutureNet.

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One of the nice things about FutureNet is that they have a spin-off site called FutureAdPro, which is a Paid-To-Click advertising service. Every day, you can log in and click on and view a number of ads. You get paid to view these ads, and you get the opportunity to be exposed to other business and networks out there that may be beneficial to you. Of course, the other side of the coin is, you can place your own ads there with your referral links, and it will be displayed to thousands of members all around the world who are also getting paid to click on your ads. They're getting paid to view YOUR ad... and they might actually like what you're showing, and join your network!

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This article was published on 07.08.2016 by Don Valentino
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