More and more people using the internet learns to make a double-benefit. In addition TrafficMonsoon are other intelligent advertising platform sharing with your users profit from the sale worked out a paid Internet traffic. In my opinion one of the most points is:



The main reason might be interested in this program is its creator or guru of Internet marketing - James Lee Valentine -author of several books, an experienced businessman who was born in the UK, currently living in the Philippines, the founder of nine drivers earning MX (series of programs MillionaireX, short MX).

MXRevShare was created at the beginning of November 2015, and its creators programs already provide to make people around the world for five years, because of the high probability MXRevShare also allow for long-distance making. In addition, the same James Lee Valentine declares that by 2020, all the programs will work and pay.

Start the program

The program has a panel in Polish, as well as video presentations and individual landing page - everything can be found in the panel by changing the language in the upper right corner of the Polish.

Start the program is adapted to everyone. In MxRevshare you can start making money from scratch, without any downpayment. You can start to click / paid advertising and watch for every saw the ad receive $ 0,005 . A day we can see 100 advertisements and earn his first cents. 100 ads you've seen this earnings of $ 0.5 a day, so after 10 days are earning $ 5.

Then we buy the program your ad package (Mini Adpack) for $ 5 and participate in the distribution of profits of the company. Each package advertising always works out to us 110%. Calculation occur once a day at midnight, and until then we always see at least 10 ads to qualify for of calculations. Package for $ 5 a day gives us approx. $ 0,125 return / profit.

We earn $ 0.005 for each ad!

100 ads = $ 0.50 per day!

In 10 days to earn $ 5!

We buy Mini Adpack $ 5 advertise your website / blog and earn the profit sharing!

To watch paid advertising click on the panel: Click Ads and then click the button: Go to Millionaire Ads.

Three types of advertising packages

In MXRevShare you can buy packages advertising for $ 5, $ 25 or $ 50 , and each of them brings a 110% return , so we have 10% of profits to clean. One package worth $ 50 generates us $ 5 profit for 44 days at 2.5% is accrued daily.

Packages advertising MXRevShare, Number of loans is the amount of visits to your website / blog

Buying advertising packages (adpacków) gives us the opportunity to receive part of the proceeds generated by the sale of advertising services. Each package for $ 5 a day gives us approx. $ 0,125 return / profit, and after 44 days of $ 5.5. Each package for $ 25 a day gives us approx. $ 0,625 return / profit, and after 44 days, $ 27.50. Each package for $ 50 a day gives us approx. $ 1.25 return / profit, and after 44 days, $ 55.

Calculation is every 24 hours, every day at 0:10, and this time, you must always see the required 10 ads.

The best way to multiply our earnings through Adpackom is re-investment - eg. Having 40 advertising packages for $ 5 every day we buy another new package, and it's another $ 0.5 to earn and also the time to gain more new packages will gradually decrease by the effect of compound interest.

The upside is that MXRevShare advertisement packages are cheaper. For those who do not have a one-time $ 50 lining as TrafficMonsoon eg., But $ 5 uzbierają or wyklikają ad in MXRevShare is the perfect solution - because it will be able to test the system, as well as for those who have fear of paying their own funds.

Is advertising MXRevShare effective?

In my opinion, yes. I promote the MXRevShare page of my blog, I have thus enter the blog (which is reflected in the statistics Google Analytics) and have thus also records to other programs (described on the blog) in which I work.

This is advertising that pays for itself!

Persons running their own business, online store, website, blog - it depends on how most Internet traffic.

If we will pay advertising campaigns, for example, on Facebook, Google AdWords or other services, or companies advertising and we will spend on the advertising campaigns of 100 zł, 500 zł, or even 2000zł - we never have a guarantee that, thanks to the campaigns earn money (that whatever we sell, Acquiring partners for your business etc.).

However, in MXRevShare buying advertising package for $ 50, even if you do not sell through this ad, so within 44 days, we get a total refund for the package that is $ 50 + $ 5 profit! They turn advertising costs and additionally earn on the fact use the services of advertising MXRevShare.

Partner Program

In MXRevShare we can get a total of 20% commission because there are three levels of command . Commending program MXRevshare and its advertising services to other people earn 10% commission on each purchase them and the re-investment of earnings in packages of ads (that is, eg. For each package at $ 50, which will purchase your registered, you will receive each time $ 5). For the second and third level we receive a 5% commission from each purchase.

Example : When you invite (registration from your link) 5 people is these people are your registered mail in the first level, that is, you get 10% for each purchase their services MXRevShare. Of these 5 people, two invite 5 persons - a total of 10 people - are these 10 people are your registered mail in the second level and get with each purchase of 5%. One of these 10 persons to the program will invite a dozen people, be it 20 people - are these 20 people are your registered mail at the third level and for every purchase they receive 5%.

The commission we receive related to purchases of our referrals is appended to the account balances - we can pay ourselves, purchase adpaków or other advertising services in MXRevShare.

The commission of Repurchase / MX account is reduced by half 5%, 2.5%, 2.5%. This means that if our recommended buy adpaka account Repurchase / MX This account will receive half of our commission, ie registered with our level I will be 5%, and from referrals from the second and third level of 2.5%.

two accounts

In MXrevshare is divided into two accounts: Account Balance and Repurchase / MX Account. This division consists in the fact that our daily charge of advertising packages amounting to 2.5% are split in half and 1.25% goes to the account balance, and the other 1 25% goes to Repurchase / MX Account. Division 50 / 50. From the account balance can be paid, for example, to buy advertising. Banners or buy Adpacki. While the balance Repurchase / MX Account buy AdPacki or dies in programs: MX500 or MX9.

For example, one package for $ 50 a day earns 2.5%, or $ 1.25. For the main account balance goes $ 0,625 and Repurchase / MX Account also goes $ 0,625.

This strategy allows you to maintain a stable charge and has an impact on the long-term operation of the program.

Important !: With Balances Accounts can transfer funds ($ 1) to the account of Repurchase / MX Account when, for example. We lack the purchase adpaka.

Recently appeared in the new account named Ambassador of the account - and this is a special account on which the charge will be bonuses for those with a large number of Adpacków Millionare.


MXRevShare is a company sharing Us profit from advertising, but expanded with additional opportunities offered by several levels of matrices. MXRevShare matrix combined with eight other programs by James Lee Valentine so you can have a few extra income from these sources. In short, if we have account the investment that is our Repurchase / MX Account accumulated an adequate sum to select the program MX that interests us, we make the investment, the registration charge your link, eg. The MX500 and put it in the profile MXRevShare, the same people who below us will want to make an investment to get the MX system, our link ... and thus build matrices ... and we have additional income and you can have it periodically until the eight programs MX series.


Registration in the program is free and there is also no additional subscriptions.

Here you can register for the program MXRevShare my reflink:

and registering is necessary to enter the email address at

By subscribing to the / in the program we will also need to have a processor of payments. Currently, the two most popular and recommended processors Payza and SolidTrust - simple to use and having a Polish language version.

This article was published on 18.07.2016 by Ajay Kumar
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