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Hello everyone

I would like to introduce you to Super 6.

What is Super 6 and how does it work?

Imagine This... BREAKING NEWS

The friendship event of the century

Welcome to The

GAME of the



The following comparing of the Super  6 Friends helping Friends opportunity  to a game is just an illustration to  imagine and have a clearer picture of  what will happen in reality. The figures  are real, and as in a real game there  are rules and Super 6 has them too! Enjoy the fastest way of helping  friends to financial freedom EVER!


1. We now find ourselves in the “APP ERA”.

2. Many games, from lottery to sport, quizzes and more,

are played on apps and money made.

3. Super 6 is a Game developed on an APP in which

friends can help friends to financial freedom.

4. This Super 6 game is the fastest way in the world to

help friends to financial freedom and it is possible to

earn over $30 000 or more from the first week after

the start of the game.


Limited seats

Each member has 6 seats to give away!

Players’ Requirements

• Players pay a once-off $18 to enter the game.

• Anybody can play …no age restriction.

• All Players must invite 6 other players to the game.

• All players must have the desire to help other people to

Financial Freedom.

All games have rules - In Super 6 we have 

• Payment Rules

• Game Rules

What can we earn  from this Super 6  Mobile App game? 

This is now an illustration of what we do  not see in the game but what happens  inside the game.

IN THE BRONZE ROUND * Play with $18 to start with * In this round we can make $320

1. Download the SUPER 6 App and REGISTER using your UPLINE’s CODE 

2. Give your Member Code to your 6 friends / family as soon as possible.

- Team member no 1 will always Pay their amount of $4 into Admin  account on each level

- You Pay $4 Towards Crypto Invest Plan: This is the plan that will give you and all your team members monthly residual income if $1 350.

- $4 You'll send to your direct upliner, and 5 of your team members will send you $4 each

- $14 You'll send to the ipliner who recruited your upliner and 30 of the downliners of your downliners will send you $14 as well.


1. No Financial crimes

2. No Financial Abuse

3. No Ponzi Scheme points such as taking from Peter to pay Paul.  

4. No company that can run away with money

5. Morally, ethnically and legally all in place

6. No banks or governments involved. Players requested to pay taxes on all incomes as prescribed by country


Now download the App

and register!

But first please join us on the Zoom Presentation so you can understand fully before you join our team.

Click on the link below and ask for the Zoom link/ID

This article was published on 31.01.2020 by Sedi Lesedi
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