Low on funds but have the desire to have your own busines from home?

My husband and I live pay check to pay check. Summer is the worst time for us, because I do not work. I work in the school system. Summers off! So living check to check means money is tight and no extra spending. 

I found a family owned company that has been in business for over 26 years and when I saw the products they were selling I fell in love, then I found out joining was FREE with a FREE web page and a FREE APP!!!! How many can say when they call a company about any question or concern you can talk directly to the owner? Any time you need help, there is always someone on the fb page that is willing to help. There is also a share sight to share pictures to use for flyers, posters, fb parties or your fb page. 

I will not say that by joining LW all you have to do is download the webpage and app and you make money. No you need to be sure that you know there is a lot of work to do. Contacts to make, I call them future friends. Because you want them to like you so they will join your team or book a party from you. Make it fun!  When your doing your shows play games, make jokes, don't be all business. you will not get any bookings that way.

Be sure to get to know your products! So when someone asks you about an item your not stumbling to find the answers.  What I am saying here is Be prepared to work hard to make your business work for you. The folks at LW owners, consultants a like are like family. We are always there to help you succeed, but you have to ask.

Ok now for more information on the company. :)

As for Shipping, for any size order- $6.95. For each order placed, $50-500.00 shipping is only $6.95!!!

Hostess rewards are as followed: 5 orders placed - 20% of sales FREE plus all hostesses receive TWO items @ 40% discount, and Booking Discounts are ANY two items @ 40% discount. With 10 and 15 orders you recieve more  rewards.

JOIN LW - receive 25% Discount on any order  (commission not applicable with discount). 20% on all orders submitted.

Linen World (LW) provides a FREE personal website you can share on FB, twitter and emails, etc.  All orders placed from this site are credited to you.

Supplies and Forms - 10 catalogs for $12.95 including shipping and more.

You can host an open house, party on line and you recieve the hostess rewards.

Sell on FB or right from your web page. For those who like to sale in person, buy a kit $49.99-99.99 and hold home shows, book shows. You can set up at events and sale there and book parties or Fundraisers!

As for your pay- you will receive a paycheck 2 times a month. 

Please visit my web page to see the products and learn more about the company. Let me know what you think. you can contact me at junesparties@yahoo.com      www.mylinenworld.com/junegalbraith 

This article was published on 30.06.2016 by June Galbraith
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