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I understand that this section here is called the Business Announcements but I want to change the title a bit. Mostly because I couldn't find a Vision Announcements section on this site.

The thing I want to share is a simple thing but with cosmic possibilities.

Getting right into it... So let us for a second imagine you(and others) own a month that is called December as we know it. Your company's name is December in which you have a part,ok? Right... You decide to make an advertising and marketing campaign all throughout your month where you ask people to join for free and earn money from the things they usually do. Those things could be booking flights, buying clothes, playing games,betting, and for this MLM market, ordering products from YOUR MLM company. Since it is December, you buy Christmas and New Years gifts too. You do that right?For this vision to be closer to the truth I ask to think of things people already do the way they do it today. I am not talking about signing up to companies with other products than the ones one already uses. Habits as usual.OK.

So now your December attracts some people because you use good marketing and they like the idea(after all it is free). For example(i love taking the minimum examples) you get 5.000 new people from Canada and USA that join and do the thing they already do. They generate a turnover from their actions(booking flights,buying stuff)as usual. Now, because they are in December and you(and others) "own" that month, you get a percentage of their turnover.Logic. I am not talking that they are your downline or anything like that, you did not recruit them, you do not know them. They are just making a turnover that is yours essentially because you "own" the month they started using the service.

Now, that happens with EVERY month of the year. You "own" months and get paid on the turnover that happens then. EVERY month of the year residually. No sponsoring, no changing habits. The greatest part is this; let's say you "own" December 2015 and someone signs up then. He/she uses it normally and in March 2017 he/she decides to send it to a friend of theirs to sign up and use it too. Their friend signs up and where do you think they belong? To March 2017? Wrong. They belong to December 2015 because they came from someone that signed up then. That means to you that your commission of December 2015 month,in the payout of March 2017 is going to be increased accordingly...

Since we took the example of 5.000 for that month.... imagine.... what happens when those people decide to send the service to their friends.

Looking good as a vision? The greatest trends working together along for passive income. Apart of the business aspect you can view this as an investment too.

Anyone who wants to see this vision become a reality in their country or wherever, contact me.

This article was published on 25.11.2015 by Milos Pavlicevic
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