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$0 to $198,389.28 in his first year online...

In this article, you will find out how a broke 26-year old went from nothing to 6 figures in his first year online

There's one main thing that contributed to Liam's success, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Liam James Kay, is an online affiliate marketer who astonishingly went from $0 to $198,389.28 in his first year online. 

He's won multiple affiliate competitions and his main success has come from one 2-tier affiliate program.

I'll reveal it to you at the end of the article.

Liam first appeared on the affiliate marketing scene at the end of 2017, before this he had no following, no list and no experience. 

Yet he managed to make it where so many others fail...


It's no accident, he's clearly doing something right. 

Evidenced by the fact that his new product launch did over $32,000 in under 48 hours!

In the last year he has. 

Lved in Bali & Thailand.

Registered his own company.

Made multiple 6 Figures in income.

Spoke on stage in Italy. 

 Won a top affiliate competition. 

Helped hundreds of people make money online. 

Hit 20K subscribers on YouTube. 

Traded in his old Peugeot for a BMW.

Moved into his first proper house. 

The crazy thing is, a year ago he had nothing!

So he is obviously doing something the right way.

Now, what does this have to do with you?

I'm glad you asked.

Liam James Kay has released his new course, 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp and his first training is free on this very special masterclass.

Check it out here:

It is the most complete affiliate marketing course I have ever seen.

In it, he covers the basics of affiliate marketing all the way to advance strategies.

There's Facebook paid and free methods, Youtube, Google, Solo ads, mindset, funnel creation and a ton more!

If you're struggling to find traffic that converts to your offer then you need this.

It also has all the resources he has used to go from 0 to almost $200,000 so nothing is left to chance.

 So many people are putting off their dreams because they’re waiting for the perfect moment. 

They use excuses like... 

“I don’t have a good enough laptop” 

“I don’t have enough money yet”

“I don’t have enough time right now”

The truth is...there will NEVER be a perfect moment to start chasing your dreams. 

You just have to start & stop making excuses. 

Liam once built a full website from a public library computer because he couldn’t afford a laptop or internet. 

The business wasn’t a success but that’s not important. 

The important thing was that he made use of what was available and did not make excuses.

He even designed the logo on Microsoft Paint! 

If he didn’t start then, he wouldn’t have learned what he did and he probably would still be broke and waiting for the perfect moment. 

So stop putting off your dreams and start now! 

It will all work itself out as long as you take ACTION!

The question now is, are you going to let another 6-figure opportunity pass you by?

Or are you going to take action?

Get started here:

This article was published on 11.03.2019 by James Neville-taylor
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6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp - MMO, Free to join

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