Many times GREAT OPPORTUNITIES only knocks at your door

just one time and when you don't open the door.....it is GONE FOREVER.

In today's announcement....I want to give you a chance to

CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!! and yes,  I am serious about what

I am sharing with you......if you don't know me and you are

 thinking ----- --who is this guy?  why can he say that he is smart enough

 and knows the right program....how can he say that the program

 he is sharing is a GREAT PROGRAM that can CHANGE MY LIFE?

 ....why should I trust him?  what are his qualifications?  Can he

 show me that what he is sharing something that is easy to do?

 Is it affordable? 

Let me introduce nyself to you...my name is Rafael Cruz....I will be 71 years old

in December 2016.....yes, I am old......but if you see me....you won't believe that I am

a man over 50.  I weight 145 lbs and have the energy of a man 40 years old.  I am happy,

healthy and on the vergeof being WEALTHY.....NO BULL.

Let me show you my profile avatar....the picture is not me...

The avatar looks like a man 50 years or younger.....and that is how my

body feels like......I did not always feel great like the way I am feeling now.

I was in Vietnam - stationed in Danang and later Saigon, when the

US ARMED FORCES were spraying AGENT ORANGE.....an herbicide that

kills the trees and other plants in the forest...the goal was to

thin the forest so they can see the North Vietnamese army

and the Viet Congs.......... because I was exposed to that dangerous

chemical.....I got DIABETES, and other sicknesses that started to

take it's tolls on me in 2005 and I was hospitalized for over

2 months for various diseases that the doctors can't figure out

a cure....anyway to cut the story short.....I survived everything and

was well enough to be released from the hospital....the ARMED FORCES

admit their fault on the disabilities that I got and exempted a part

 of my military retirement pay to be taxed by the IRS.

Chief Cruz is a retired US Navy Chief who served on active duty for

27 years and 2 months....from December 12, 1964 to 27 February 1992.

He'd been network marketing from 1992 to the present.

He did all of these:

eBay Store Seller....selling over 2,000 items in his eBay Store.

Several MLM programs.....such as AMWAY, HERBALIFE,

and other programs that took him a lot of time and money.....but

did not improve his life.  Also did a lot of promising programs

that did not deliver.

And because of my failures....I am now qualified to


Someone who's


and now knows the TRUE PROVEN ROADS TO $$$$$$$$$$

In today's announcement/lesson....I will show you how to

Before I get started, I want you to know that 99.9% of the banners and images you

will see on the top part of this announcement.....are NO CLICKABALE......MLM GATEWAY

only allows 2 images to be HYPERLINKED (clickable).....don't waste your time

trying to click on the images on the upper portion of this announcement......I will point

you....with fingers pointing to the clickable link...that will take you to the

webinar about our TEAM BUILD.

OK, as they say.............a picture speaks a thousand words.....it also catches your

 attention and stimulate your brain to understand what I am sharing with you.

Here they are:

NOTE: The above banner is not clickable....I will show you the clickable link below.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) reported that since 1996
the whole world is in GLOBAL OBESITY EPIDEMIC.....yes, it is an
EPIDEMIC and the death rate in 1996 was 300,000 a year.....a
added that since then it is increasing by at least 5% yearly!
Do you know someone who needs help?  Just look around you.
Help them......and let them lose weight.....and make monthly
residual income....Become a member of this company and
show them how you can help them.....and when they join under
you and become a paid DEALER....you will earn an ever increasing
monthly income.

As I said in the title of this announcement.....


One BIG feature of the SKINNY BODY CARE program is they put

people below you....these people are those people who submitted their

names and email addresses to take a free tour of the program.

........and let me tell you......I joined the program on JUNE 15, 2016

and today is JUNE 17, 2016 and the company placed over

2000 pre-enrollees below me.

In addition to putting those people below me.....the company will

also send each one of them a series of follow-up emails telling

them that if they upgrade their accounts....they will leapfrog those

 people that are still not taking action.......and when those people

 later upgrade.....they will be making you money......can you see it?

I now have over 2,000 pre-enrollees below me and it won't

 be long before many of them upgrade as DISTRIBUTORS.......

......just talking about some of them upgrading........I went to my

  back office and clicked on my GENEOLOGY and .......WOW!!! I got

 a person who upgraded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  can you see the power of this

 program?  Do I need to say more?

Well, let me show you more images....as they can say things better

 than my limited vocabulary.

I know that with this program.....a year from now....I'd be earning at least $5000 amonth.

........and you read that right $5,000 a month......let me spell it out to you

FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS a month.....I can already visualize it....and can actually

 see the things that it will do for my life and my significant other.

It won't be long before we purchase a house in Lake Tahoe and the mortgage payments will be covered by

my monthly increasing residual income.

...and have one or two of these......and not to have to worry about

the cost of fuel to drive them to the beautiful places in the UNITED STATES.


limit yourself because of your SELF-IMPOSED LIMITATIONS.

Take it from the Chief....follow me and I will help you make your

dreams and goals a reality.

As soon as you become my downline member I will teach you how to get to the

next level of network marketing.......I will show you how to write business announcements

like this....teach you how to create banners, splash pages, etc........

..................BUT....you don't even need to learn anything......because the

company have everything you need....all the tools you need to get signups

for the program.........this company is the BEST COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY!!

$100,000 a month of RESIDUAL INCOME..........I know I will be earning that, as

there are now many members who are doing it......if they can do it.....so can I......and

even BETTER!!!

I can tell yOu with 100% certainty.......THIS IS THE PROGRAM WE'VE ALL BEEN LOOKING FOR.


I can put an hundred more or a thousand more images here.....but I'll

stop right now and let you GOOGLE IT..  Below I will show you the link that

you can click on.....and that link will take you to one of our TEAMBUILD WEBINAR

that will show you how we can add you to our TEAM......it will take an hour to

listen to the complete webinar....but if you are in a hurry to join click on

the links that are immediately avalable for you while you are still listening.

Just make sure you click the right buttons.

YES, Chief.....I want to go to that TEAM BUILD WEBINAR

JOIN US ASAP ......and it won't take you long before you

can be enjoying life like these.

Go on vacations anytime and anywhere you want...no more bosses.....money no more a problem.

You're happy, healthy, wealthy and because you joined me....I can call you WISE!!

OK, make that WISE decision now!!

This article was published on 18.06.2016 by Rafael Cruz
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