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Get Ad Grants good for $10k/month free Google ad spend for life for any business

Google has been offering $10K/month ($120000 a year) advertising grants since 2003. They are free and they renew automatically every month for life. Even most Internet marketing gurus have never heard of them.

When you think of grants you probably think, as I did, that you could never qualify for a grant. That may be true if you try to apply on your own, but my partners guarantee that every applicant will get a grant - and absolutely everything will be done for them.

This is the best opportunity for making money online that I have ever seen. Who doesn't want free Google advertising?

There are two ways to make money with this program. The first way is to simply find businesses that are spending money on ads and ask them if they would be interested in $10K/Month in free Google ads. If they say yes you just turn them over to our partners and let them take it from there.

To refer prospects to our partners, you must become an affiliate like me. The most common affiliate commissions per sale are $4000 up front plus $250 a month for life. It costs a one-time payment of $697 to become an affiliate. There are also options for 3 or 5 monthly payments.

Unless you are a Google ads expert, you will want to pay another $297 a year to have our partners do everything. That is the route I took. So the total cost is $697 up front plus an annual payment of $297. If you go for the monthly payments it will be a little more.

Most high ticket programs cost a lot more to get into and they don't pay nearly as high commissions. They also don't have an offering that every business wants. I'm sure most of you have spent a whole lot more on your current MLM and you're not selling anything without twisting some arms if you have any sales at all.

Google gives these grants only to non-profit businesses. But any business can form and own a non-profit business for as little as $200 and in as little as 30 to 90 days. The non-profit has to be educational. Our partners set up everything.

Think about what this will do for any business. They will get to educate their prospects and customers about their products and services and become known as an expert in their field. They will also be known as a company that supports one or more charities. That's a big part of what non-profits do.

Doing everything means our partners set up the non-profit; get the grant; build, host and maintain the educational website; build and maintain a Facebook community that will grow rapidly as it will included everyone who responds to the free Google ads. It also includes managing the Google ads account.

Our clients will then continually educate and sell to that ever growing Facebook community. We are providing our clients a way to monetize their non-profits. Most of them will be amazed that they can even do that. It is enough incentive for them to pay our fees.

If the client already has a non-profit, our partners charge $20000 to set up everything. Otherwise the fee is $40000 which is the most common case. Then there is a monthly fee of as much as $2500 or more for managing the grant and the Google ads.

Affiliates earn 10% of all fees which is $2000 or $4000 initially plus $250 a month. If you have the skills and manpower and decide to manage things yourself then you get 20% of the initial fee which is $4000 or $8000 and you get 100% of the monthly fees.

Clients then use their new non-profit business and website to educate people about their own products and services. That is by far the best advertising any business can do. When you education people for free about your products and services they will not buy from anyone else.

The 2nd way to make money with this program is to refer new affiliates. You will earn 40% of their one-time or monthly payments and you will earn 30% of their annual $297 payments. No other payments will ever be required of affiliates.

Our partners have acquired over 800 of these free Google ad grants for several hundred clients and they have never had to make a refund for failing to get a grant. They are experts in satisfying Google's requirements. Also, they have never had a client lose a grant for non-compliance with Google's terms.

Our partners will provide you with landing pages and will close all sales for you and provide your referrals with everything they need to be able to refer their own affiliates and potential free ad grant customers.

My link for signing you up as an affiliate is

My link for referring ad grant prospects to our partners is

You will get similar links within 2 days of signing up. In the meantime you can watch several training videos.

I can only put 2 links in this business announcement. Contact me and I'll give you more links including a link to the educational website for an actual real estate ad grant owner.

As an affiliate you can also get Google free ads grants for yourself. You may not be able to afford it now, but you will when you have recruited several affiliates and/or made some sales to businesses who have acquired one or more grants each. A single business can set up any number of non-profits and acquire free grants for each of them.

Your goal should be to get your own Google ad grant(s). Then you will be unstoppable!

My name is Bob Stratton. You can call me at any reasonable hour on Pacific time on any day but Sunday at 425-426-2299
This article was published on 24.06.2022 by Bob Stratton
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Nikkun Olem - Google Ad Grants, 697 USD to join

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Virginia Sanders Google Ad Grants connects people with the causes they care about by providing up to $10,000 USD per month of in-kind search advertising for qualifying nonprofits.  1 month ago

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