Automatic Pilot Income,or, My Leads Are Free!

I have found the formula!

And part of me says you better keep it secret! But instead I'm going to pass it on to everyone that has ears to hear.

The first part of the formula is finding a company with the product that worked that everybody test found it to be wonderful, and it was consumed on a monthly basis! So every month they bought more!

Creating a residual income!

The next part of the formula came to me one late one night when a friend told me of a program where you can end up getting leads that are free to you.!

And not just normal leads either! These are telephone interviewed leads where the phone room went through 30 to 40 people find one qualified lead!

They are by far the best most responsive leads I have ever called!

And they came with some absolutely dynamite training, from a person that is been in network marketing for 35 years!

We all need leads!

Without leads we have no one to talk to!

In the most beautiful thing is, everyone around us needs them!

What happens to you and I all day long? We are approached by people asking us to take a look at their opportunity.

But were already in an opportunity, so what if we would to say, thank you very much for thinking about me tell me what are you doing for leads?

And offer them our program." You get 25 telephone interviewed leads for $9.95 with all the training you need to be successful!"

Within this training I learned a few secrets that are outside the box!

You have all their information to address their phone number or email address and if any of its wrong, then you get a new lead because they're all guaranteed!

So we call them email them, and send them a postcard!

People need to get to know you like you and trust you!

And when the opt in to see your site, it is nice to send them a letter which is nothing more actually than the checks from your site, and in this way they get to know you, they like you, they trust you, and they know they can do exactly what you just did!

With most people it takes a while for them to decide to sign up! Very rarely do they sign up on the spot!

This was a mistake. I was making for sure!

I was thinking that if they didn't sign up immediately. There must be something wrong with them, and all they needed was some time!

Now what if the leads you were buying at a comp plan that was incredible!

What if you could find for people and help those four people to find four people each, and make $780 every month. Off just 20 people in your downline!

Could you afford more leads and still put money in your pocket?

Do you see the potential?

What if over time you built 10 of these 20 men units?


This is based on everyone buying $100 worth of weeds a month.

So what if everyone started buying $500 worth of leads every month. You are paid the 45%, just the same, so what is $7800 times five, you do the math!

So I'm going to give you the link for you to try 25 of these phenomenal leads for $9.95 for seven days!

Cancel if you do not want to continue because on the eighth day you get 25 more leads for $99.95!

Which are well worth it, considering most of the leads that I've bought more than half of them were bad, and that is 1700 leads. I would only end up talking to 5 to 7 people that were interested! So in reality I had paid a lot for every one of those people!

But here these are telephone interviewed leads of people that want to make money online. They want to start their own business. The leads are guaranteed you have them forever, and they become part of your list!

To your success,

James Seal

This article was published on 30.11.2016 by James Seal
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