What are your plans for health and wealth in 2016?

What ARE your plans?

I recently left a great opportunity after ten months there for my current company, Kyani. I'd like to share why.

1. I found a great 'triangle of health' products that work and that no other company has.

2. The integrity of the two families that started and maintain this company is solid. The integrity and talents of my partner are equally impeccable and powerful.

3. The timing is perfect. Our company did 300 million in sales last year in now, 67 countries.

4. This is a fantastic hybrid Comp Plan that no other company has.

5. The videos, back office, customer service and Social Media system are all top notch.

   The last thing that convinced me over a period of time, to leave a very good situation for a great one is the hard work and expertise of my partner Dan. He and his wife Virginia, out of more than 1,000,000 distributors as Diamonds, were awarded the prestigious #1 Team builder Award at the last convention. Dan works with me daily. He is both a science, and a finance and  Comp Plan expert. 

   My downline Rick is the company-best authority on the Kyani Social tool and is featured on the video on  how to make custom campaigns in Kyani Social. 

   How would it feel to have these top leaders and the tools working for you? 

   How would it feel for you to have a proven system to use and plug your people into? 

   How would it feel to partner with leaders that coach you on WHO to talk to and WHAT to say? 

   Is it time to get to work on your four year career to retirement? Or just to put an extra 400 dollars in your pocket every month? 

   Have you failed before and want a more proven situation? (I feel that there are a handful of great companies out there out of 5,000.) This is the only one that meets my high standards.

   When is the best time to start making more money and creating more free time?   (I'm waiting....)

http://rde.kyani.com/JustPushPlay   To get started looking.

Also www.kyaniscience.com has a full range of the strong science info that many want to see.

At any time, we can talk further. No question is off limits. 

Rick Emmerich rickemmerich@gmail.com  808.371.6501

This article was published on 30.04.2016 by Rick Emmerich
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