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What's the CULTURE of NWC? I call it the NWC DNA.


What kind of a person are we looking to have part of our program? Let me go over some bullet points of the type of person we're looking for. At the conference coming up in the next few days I'm going to go over in detail each of the points...

1. We Value People

As a member you want to look for people that are people people. And you always want to Value other people, empower them to do great things and believe in the possibility of what they can achieve.  

We don't sell. 

We add VALUE to the lives of others. Before you call or contact the prospect ask yourself this, "How can I add value to this person today?" That one question will change your whole perspective and take away all the stress when you talk to a prospect because it's not about you, it's not about making the sale, it's about how you can add value to this person's life.

2. NWC members live their life on purpose.

There's a strategy involved in progressing to a higher level personally and financially. Our members look forward to doing that each and every day. 

We also realize that nothing worthwhile comes when you're going downhill. That means freebies and the" easy way" are really fools gold. Everything worthwhile has always been an uphill climb to progress to a higher level.

3. NWC members always exceed the expectations of the people they sponsor and their team.

We never want to be average. Average is the "A" word. Always exceed the expectations of the people you sponsor by going the extra mile and then doing what we call "and then some" which means you do extra effort when helping them to go beyond what they expect.

4. NWC member is growth daily.

You want to be growth conscience not goal conscious. The only goal in growth is to keep growing every single day.  

You want to love learning more than you hate fear or failure. This way your love of learning drives you past the fear and then nothing can stop you.

5. NWC members have a positive attitude.

Positive thinkers always believe there's an answer out there somewhere and they will do whatever it takes to be able to break through whatever barriers are holding them back for them as well as their team.

6. NWC memories equip and prepare their people.

The greatest gift you can give your new recruits and your team is to equip and prepare them for the rigors that come when they go up hill to achieve their vision by adding value to other people.

7. NWC leaders set the example for their team.

People do what people do not what you tell them. Leading by example is the only way to show people how it's done.

Hope you enjoyed these 7 bullet points on what I call the NWC DNA.

National Wealth Center!!!

-Apparently a lot of people seek direction for their lives by consulting sources they find on the internet. That’s the only way to explain the proliferation of personal development resources available today…from blogs to online life coaches to digital libraries full of audio and video files for endless watching and learning…how to find your energy, get motivated, start a business, run a business, invest your money, and a whole lot more.

-That’s what National Wealth Center does…they offer such products and they offer them to the very people they rely on to market and sell them. That of course is a common network marketing structure, but let’s find out if NWC is a likely prospect or not, in so far as earning income goes.


National Wealth Center is backed by Multiplex Systems Inc, which is really Peter Wolfing. According to his own website, Peter Wolfing has been around for 16 years creating lead-generating software for MLM companies. He markets things like phone broadcasting systems, Post Card Marketing and other automation tools for online network marketers.

-Proud of the fact that he’s debt-free (and incorporated!) and of his A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Mr. Wolfing is now using those key points to leverage his new endeavor.

-In fact, you’ll notice, if you take a look at the Peter Wolfing website where he describes MSI, the exact words have been lifted and used for the new National Wealth Center website. Way to save money …reuse, recycle!

-Speaking of recycling, National Wealth Center used to be Infinity 100. It also used to be Infinity Downline (ID). They’ve since been recycled to form NWC....just take a look. Network marketing has come a long way in five years!


On one level, National Wealth center is an audio and video membership club. The product is a digital library which, when access is purchased, offers thousands of files in the following topics:

-Self Development (cost: $25 per month)

Business Development (cost: $50 per month)

Wealth Development (cost: $100 per month)

Once purchased, these memberships also present an income-generating opportunity.

-Then, there are stand-alone products (on-demand videos) with a one-time price. Think of a mini Netflix for self-improvement. Prices are as follows:

-Fitness Advantage $250

Wealth Advantage Elite $1,000

Network Marketing Elite $3,500

The Vault $7,500

Now, you may be wondering what on-demand video costs $7,500. For that price you could make your own budget film with actors and everything. Apparently it’s a compilation of Peter Wolf’s last 20 years of experience on topics ranging from finance to health.

-Of course on another level, the products are designed to aid the success of the very people selling them. That’s where the National Wealth Center compensation plan comes in.


The most important thing to know about National Wealth Center’s compensation plan is that they offer 100% commissions. Sell a $25 membership and make $25. Sell the $7,500 Vault and it’s all yours, every penny.

-The catch of course is that you have to buy the product before you can sell it.

-It’s $25 per month to enter the National Wealth Center money-making system, and you have the possibility of making that sum back with your first sale. Join at any level but keep in mind you can only earn income from that level or lower. In other words, you gotta buy it to sell it!

-That means you’re either in for $25 per month or the cheapest stand-alone product: $250.

-NWC offers support in the way of lead capture pages, banners, and more. There are training videos, monthly conference calls, webinars, and email support.

-To become an affiliate, you pay $9.95 per month administrative fee, which you could call an affiliate fee if you prefer.

-Pass-up commissions exist, but you must refer four new members before you qualify for these.


A digital library is wonderful and people really do improve their lives using such products. The price of membership (starting at $25 per month) is incredibly Low. 

The 100% commission is simply wonderful, and at prices like these. You get 50%-80% discounts on 330,000+ Vendors/Merchants. Also receive a Internet Domination training and Tutorial website free for joining as a Bonus of being a member and working with me an my Team. 

Anyone can join and learn to improve and better their Lives, Business and current Situations.

This article was published on 25.08.2016 by Maurice Jamison
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