A NEW MLM....BUT with a TWIST and where FREE members can earn.

There are only 5 days left to take advantage of the KaCh Enterprises  Launch Special Offer! 

At 00:00 BST, on the 1st of June (midnight May 31st), anybody that is a Qualified (paid) member will have their membership extended till the end of July!

This means that everybody Qualified by the end of May will have two full months during which they are..…

GUARANTEED not to miss any possible commissions

Can immediately put our very simple marketing plan into action

Learn how to make the most of everything else that we offer, at their leisure (optional)

Build their income to cover all future renewals, so their membership becomes FREE for life!

So...What is KaCh Enterprises and what is it they are offering?

KaCh Enterprises is International and launched on May 9th 2016. I am one of the 5 original founding members, so by joining my team you can be sure of a top position. 

They offer a 5x2 matrix...but with a difference.

 A 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th leg can be added after the 1st one is complete.

 In simple terms, you … build a 2x5 matrix, then you extend it to a 3x6 matrix, then to a 4x7 matrix, then to a 5x8 matrix. 

At present there is no plan to pay past 8 levels, so after that you would just keep adding new legs, and building them down to level 8.

You can also advertise all your other business referral links, text ads and banners on their 4 linked websites whilst using the chat rooms to connect with members around the world. Paid ad spots are also available.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE - They only use Bitcoins as their currency, to pay the $15 monthly subscription with and for them to pay your commission to. NO OTHER PROCESSORS ARE USED.

Become qualified with 2 members under you and two members under each of those two, making it FREE for you to participate.  

BUT just when you thought this all sounds great  ......  IT’S ABOUT TO GET A WHOLE LOT BETTER as more and more new features are rolled out!

It's even more important to be registered and paid by the end of THIS month! That's BEFORE Midnight BST 1st of June.

Once you have already registered, make sure your payment is processed ASAP, so you don’t miss out! Hence the need to already have an active and funded Bitcoin account in order to save time in processing.

YOUR INITIAL REGISTRATION IS FREE. Here is one of my team members links , but you can be assured that I will be working with you to ensure your success.



Leave a message below when you have registered so I can connect with you to help you get started and work with you to ensure your success. 

 I look forward to welcoming you to our KaChent team.

This article was published on 28.05.2016 by Marilyn Jones
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