STOP! I Shouldn't Have Wrote This

I’d like to show you how to use a covert hypnosis pattern in your advertising copy, video script, face-to-face, or even over the phone.

Have you ever been formally hypnotized? I have. The really good hypnotists use “Permission Frames” to make it easier to relax or accept suggestions. And successful salespeople consciously or unconsciously use these same techniques.

“Feel free to relax.” “You’re welcome to test drive this car if you like.” “You can enjoy this as much as you like.” This was a major insight of hypnotists like Milton Erickson: the best way to get somebody to do something—including putting them into a trance—is by allowing them to give you permission to do so. Because of this, skilled hypnotists will never outright command you to do something—i.e. “Go into a trance.” No, they will say things like “Feel free to become as relaxed as you like” to start the induction.”

Here are some frames you can use to achieve this:

Feel free to [COMMAND].

You’re welcome to [COMMAND].

You can enjoy [COMMAND].

Allow yourself to [EMOTIONAL STATE].

You can use one or more of these in your sales pitch, presentation or advertising. I tend to use them towards the beginning of my piece. I’m working on a new special report about creating sponsored content that uses powerful persuasion techniques. I will discuss “priming.” This is where you get your target audience ready to accept your message or get them into a certain emotional sate early on in your content. The above permission language patterns would be ideal for this.  

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Something else to remember, It takes practice and trial-and-error to use language patterns correctly with the most power. See if the following apply to you.


Although the most successful people who uses NLP language patterns apply the principles of their use differently, here are some general guidelines for a few of the most used patterns:

a) Use Presuppositions to get your readers/listeners to accept something is true or about to happen (especially concerning their actions) without you actually telling them.

b) Use Double Binds to give the illusion of choice

c) Use Single Binds to create a cause & effect statement where you want to increase or decrease a readers state

d) Use Reframing to get your readers to change their perspective on what you're talking about

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This article was published on 09.04.2016 by Joey Ward
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