United Games Affiliate Marketing Opportunity.

This new mobile sports app that is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2016 seems to be very interesting. The app is currently under development by United Games and is going to be entirely free to download and play for the end user. The game will be centered around the user's favorite live sporting events. Users will also be encouraged to share the app with friends as well as invite friends to play during their favorite sporting events. United games is currently describing the idea as "The Better Way To Play". The Better Way To Play does not involve Fantasy type game play or anything like that it is intended to be played either by oneself or with friends and it will be free to download from the app stores once it launches in October. At least taking a look at because this opportunity seems to be worth the time.

Why a player will choose to play because of the following reasons:

  • They love the sport and enjoy the game  
  • They can compete with friends and add another layer of fun to their favorite sport   
  • They can earn real rewards  

5 Basic player actions:

  • Acquire Tokens  
  • Play Tokens  
  • Earn Points  
  • Improve Rank  
  • Get Real Rewards  

The best part about it seems to be the fact that while it does benefit affiliates to recruit more affiliates; all the affiliate is expected to do is play the app, and share it with friends. For more details about this opportunity or if you would like an invitation, feel free to email me at bryantsw6@gmail.com or visit my face book page to read up on this opportunity. Currently there has been a lot of news coming out about this so you can also do some research on you tube about this as well. I am new but if you do the reading and research yourself it should become really clear to you that this opportunity is quite promising. Again you do not even need to focus on inviting Affiliates if you want to to earn a commission. Also keep in mind that the time frame for affiliate invitations will be cut off relatively soon, the last I heard was October so there is still some time to make an educated decision but I would switch to study mode and do some serious reading.

This article was published on 04.09.2016 by Sebastian Bryant
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