How To Get A Lot Of Signups Into Any MLM Business

Do you believe it is possible to get massive amounts of signups into any MLM business?

Of course you know it is, because someone in every company is doing it.

But are you?

Are you sick of getting rejected, and just want to know how the big leaders are raking in new members almost everyday, or multiple people everyday?


I have good news for you.

There is a solution, and the problem you face is the same problem all MLM business owners face, even the leaders.

The difference between the leaders and most people, is they solved the problem, and they solve it over and over again.


I knew going to my warm market (people I know) would not bring me good results. If you are like me, you spent your life building relationships with non-business minded people, and now pay the price when you go into business.

I did tell them what I was doing however. I was hoping someone would join, but no one did of course.

Then I began attending webinars with top leaders who taught me how to become the expert. How to "attract" others, and many other points I needed to know.

Then I began making calls to complete strangers. People I never knew or spoke to until they answered the phone with "hello" (and they had that 'who is this' tone when they answered)

I then went on to become the top recruiter in my 22 year network at the time, and my career only grew fast from that point on.


These people I called did not know me.

That was the best part, because my fearlessness made them think I was successful. So I never was asked "how much do you make" or any of the hated questions we all face in the beginning.

I knew these people had network marketing backgrounds. They were in a MLM company before, so they knew what it was. This kept the "Is this a pyramid" and "Is this a scam" questions away.

They really wanted someone they could get behind that they believed in. This is why I was able to signup about 20 people in a matter of just a few weeks. Leading me to big bonuses in my company. Then I began doing 3 ways with these new team members, and signing up people for them. Creating the most duplication in the shortest amount of time in the history of my network.

Now that checks are coming in, warm market wanted to join. They asked if I could show them how to do it. This began raising my team by more and more people. Setting me up to become a person who "figured out" how to get a MLM company moving.


See, calling cold market is how you get things moving. Warm market comes in later. 

Looking back, and asking other leaders, their stories are the same. Cold market doesn't know you, so they make their opinion of you when you first call them. If they know network marketing, they will know how scary it must be for someone to call a stranger, and of course they will tag you in their minds as a leader.



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This article was published on 25.02.2016 by Jaye Carden
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