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Anybody with a Cell Phone – This Opportunity is for YOU!

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have built their BILLIONS on a similar model: collecting, segmenting, and monetizing their user’s data. Tapestri aims to do the same with cell phone data. The difference is that Tapestri wants to PAY users for their anonymous, nonpersonal data. Check out Tapestri here:

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The Tapestri app for iPhone and android will collect nonpersonal data regarding user demographics and where and when you go places with your cell phone. For downloading, installing the app, and setting their location in the app to “always”, participants can receive $5-$25 per month. The payment amount will depend on the data’s value and be paid monthly.

Importantly, the data is collected anonymously. It’s never connected back to the original user. Neither the folks behind Tapestri nor the companies that purchase data from them will ever know from exactly who the data originated.

Finally, users of a medium that connects them to other people, other companies, other interests, etc. will actually be able to get paid for their data.

What cell phone user won’t want to receive free money?

The vast interest this app is sure to receive when it becomes available is a tremendous opportunity for affiliate marketers. Tapestri’s affiliate program is going to make a lot of people very happy.

To participate in the Tapestri affiliate program, go to the link at the bottom of this article. In order to become a Tapestri affiliate one must also be an active Tapestri app user. Uninstalling the app is grounds to deactivate your Tapestri affiliate status.

After downloading and activating the app, perspective Tapestri affiliates must complete their Tapestri profile, agree to the Tapestri Affiliate Terms and Conditions, and pay a $9.95 monthly fee. Believe me, when you hear about the potential of this program, that $9.95 monthly fee isn’t going to bother you one bit.

For every direct referral a qualified Tapestri Affiliate refers who activates their Tapestri app and sets their location in the app to “always” for the month; that Tapestri Affiliate will receive $1 per month as long as that Tapestri app user remains qualified. In addition, the Tapestri Affiliate will receive $1 per month for every qualified user on their second-tier.

As a Tapestri Affiliate, you can benefit by signing up any cell phone user. That makes the potential membership pool larger than many marketing niches. But, consider the value of this opportunity if you sign up a social media influencer with thousands of followers. It probably wouldn’t take much to convince that individual to become a Tapestri Affiliate themselves and to recommend the Tapestri app to their followers. That could potentially put hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket month, after month, after month.

While there is no guarantee you will reach that level of monthly income, the potential is definitely there. Get started building your Tapestri network today. Tapestri is slated for use in the United States initially. It’s planned to expand into other English speaking countries first (Canada, UK, and Australia) and then be active worldwide. Get more information about becoming a Tapestri Affiliate by visiting:

Get Tapestri

This article was published on 16.07.2021 by William Wilson
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