How can a man enjoy being awakened at 4.30am by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, get to the convenience, brush his teeth, have a bath, dress up, force-feed, and fight traffic to get to a place he doesn't enjoy, seeing faces he doesn't like, earning salary he doesn't like, where essentially he made lots of money for someone else (building empty assets) and was asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? Meanwhile, when he gets opportunity to build a plan B source of income he says "I don't have time" Little wonder Warren Buffett said "If you don't learn to earn while you sleep, you will work till you die" Just thinking aloud....... Why not try the planB am about to show you This is how you can make $500,000+ in 6 months. Step 1. Join Four Corners Alliance Group for only a one-time payment of $18 2. Invite 4 friends 3. Help them refer 4 people 4. They duplicate process 6 times 5. You Earn $559,824 Month 1: You invite 4 people you earn $16. Your work is done Month 2. Those 4 invite 4 people= 16 people, you earn $64 Month 3. Those 16 sign-up 4 people= 64 people, you earn $640 Month 4. Those 64 sign-up 4 people= 256 people, you earn $ 6,144 Month 5. Those 256 sign up 4 people= 1,024 people, you earn $61,440 Month 6. Those 1,024 sign up 4 people= 4,096 people,you earn $491,20 A total of $559,824 And all you did was pay $18 and invited only 4 people in your first month and helped them get 4 and you were done. You also earn monthly residual income of up to 76k per month, plus 100% matching commissions from everybody you directly refer. As your 4 sign-ups earn $559,824, you get 100% matching, meaning you earn 4x559k= over 2.2 mill. Do you know an easier, faster and more affordable way to earn over $500,000? Only having to sign up 4 people? Create wealth for your family, never have to work again, get the whole family involved. this is an amazing opportunity. Sign up 4 people and your work is done. The products that 4 corners sell is a set of Financial Education Literacy which is downloadable in your back office. This is an automated system, it will sell the products for you once you invite 4 people. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Also in your backoffice you can keep track of your earnings and view your team's growth using the genealogy. Also great Customer Support from the company and in the backoffice is where corporate post news and updates. Why is 4 corners so successful? because every can afford $18 and everybody knows 4 people and it's simple with no work to do after signing up only 4 people and making sure you help them get 4 of their own. https://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/?a=tiks
This article was published on 14.01.2016 by Apinei Musa
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