If you've ever struggled with ideas to promote your busi-

ness, you're not alone.

Try online news releases.

They put your name where customers look—search engines. They can get your name to the very top of a Google page so

potential customers find you faster. They have a broader reach than email marketing and they reach people way beyond

your email list, like prospects, journalists and bloggers.

Don’t think you have any news?

No matter what industry you’re in, or how many employees you have, your business makes news regularly. And you can

turn any piece of news into an online asset that helps you increase awareness, attract more customers and win more busi-


Just think of everything you do.

You started your company. That’s news right there. Perhaps you recently launched a new product or service, or are offer-

ing a great promotion. Maybe you hired a new employee, created a website for your business or moved to a new building.

They're all opportunities to make news. So spread the word, and get your story out there with an online news release.

Here are 14 ideas to get you startedello and welcome to Safelist Marketing Tactics.

Before we get started I thought it would only be proper for me to introduce

myself. My name is Jerry  and I am an Internet Marketer.

I got my start in Internet marketing way back in 1996 working for a company

that helped businesses move their offline business onto the web. I was in

charge of targeted link building where I was able to practice marketing in a

wide variety of niches.

I first got introduced to safelist marketing in 2002. At the time safelists were

still fairly new and it was an easy way to get your email ads out to thousands

of people while still expecting to get a decent response back. Unfortunately

safelist marketing went through a pretty rough period around this time and I

eventually stopped using them all together to focus on other traffic sources.

Recently safelist marketing has been making a dramatic comeback as many

new features have been introduced which have helped safelists become one

of the most responsive forms of free advertisng I have found. I now use

safelists every day as part of my overall marketing plan and have been

getting incredible results.

The purpose of this book is to help you get a better understanding of

how you too can use safelist marketing to build your business with a

minimal amount of time and money.

This article was published on 18.02.2016 by Marcus Anderson
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