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Ground Floor Opportunity from the Founder of FIJI Water Billionaire David Gilmor

After over 20 years in this Industry and after bleeding my stomach and being on Nexium. Im off of the meds and using products that gave me results with no side effects and no more acid reflex. Along with loosing over 45 pounds! I feel amazing and I am so excited to help others with their health and wealth! For as little at $49.95 someone can register in this over a year old company! Working with Billionaire David Gilmor the founder of FIJI water and top MLM earners who where in the book the Greatest Networkers in the World! The comp plans pays several ways but on level one and 2, residual check pays 20% on both levels! So with as little as 34 Ambassadors on Level 1 and 2, you can make over $1,000 residual per month! We call this our plan for a Grand! We want the 90% of people who never make money in network Marketing to win! We have created the biggest Buzz in the industry! (Along with so many unique ways to make money and a new Virtual Party Plan.) Wakaya Perfection is simply the best Ground Floor Opportunity! Many Million dollar earners are joining us! We launched a little over a year ago in the USA and are currently in Pre- Launch in Japan. We where just featured in Networking Marketing times. (Thats about to be released) I am honored to be a Founding Ruby with Wakaya Perfection and I'm looking for leaders/folks are are trainable and teachable to join my Diamond team! I'm looking for 7 -10 key people who are ready to make at least 1k Plus per month!

 Furthermore, We are also known as the Keto Company! Keto is not just about weight loss, but its great for your health!  We call it the Secret to many other health issues. We can not make claims, but you can do your own research on a quality website like We just educate people, and let them decide! Make sure you check out the new Documentary on Netflix for free called "The Magic Pill" This diet actually can save lives. Watch it and make your own mind up! Please check out this 10 minute video called "The Secret to Fat Loss" at Make sure you watch the whole video, than we can discuss how it can help you make over 1k Part time and more! Feel free to contact me and we can discus the next step! I look forward to working with you! Thanks Steve 

This article was published on 26.05.2018 by Steve K
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